Tallah go 'Under the Knife' to dissect their sophomore LP, 'The Generation of Danger'

Tallah go 'Under the Knife' to dissect their sophomore LP, 'The Generation of Danger'

- By Ramon Gonzales

Led by Justin Bonitz and drummer Max Portnoy, the nu-core standouts give their candid take on the significance of their second album and how the intensity and innovation have only leveled up from 'Matriphagy'.

Campaigning towards the November 18th release of their sophomore LP in The Generation of Danger, Tallah continues to assert their rank as one of heavy music's most innovative, forward-thinking creative forces. Releasing a slow trickle of potent singles in "Telescope", "The Impressionist" and most recently the unhinged "Shaken (Not Stirred)", the collective continues to build a brand synonymous with intricate, dynamic songwriting paired with a kind of infectious intensity that goes for the throat.


In much the same way the band earned acclaim with their lauded debut Matriphagy, frontman Justin Bonitz crafts lyrical stanzas that elevate the album's songs to function more like chapters in a demented narrative. Combined with his performative prowess, the tracks become consuming in a way that is as aggressive as it is articulate.

At the helm of the band's sonic assault, drummer and principle songwriter Max Portnoy manages to take a cacophony of chaos and channel it in to the kind of compositions that suggest a musical maturity well beyond his years. Executing a metallic blitz that hits from every angle, there is a precision to the band's brand of force that is as methodical as it is massive. Serving as the architect of Tallah's sound, Portnoy's ability to challenge the conventions of heavy music and color outside the lines is why the band have been positioned as the forefront of the modern era of nu-metal.

Recently, the band released a candid, comprehensive interview in which all of the members of Tallah discuss their pending sophomore release, The Generation of Danger. Addressing what it has been like working with new members, leveling up the intensity from Matriphagy, and how this release bears with it significant cinematic weight, the band speaks plainly about the challenges and triumphs in smashing the status quo.


Bonitz revealed how he blew out his voice completely on the track "Of Nothing". Portnoy shared how the organic progression of the band saw things becoming much more technical, even going so far as to record vocals underwater to capture the right sound.

Guitarist Derrick Schneider shared how the concept and continuity of this record is something to be proud of, with rhythm guitarist Alex Snowden echoing that sentiment, describing the project as heavy as hell. She also spoke to the meticulous quality of the record, revealing how the band spent days just capturing noise as sound layers on the album.

Stream "Under the Knife" - the dissection of The Generation of Danger from Tallah below.


The Generation of Danger lands November 18th via Earache Records. Pre-order the album – HERE

Catch Tallah on tour this fall with headlining dates, select dates with Attila and a November run with Drowning Pool

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