Trey Pemberton of Creeping Death details the spirit of Texas hardcore and leveling up with Adam D of Killswitch Engage

Trey Pemberton of Creeping Death details the spirit of Texas hardcore and leveling up with Adam D of Killswitch Engage

- By Ramon Gonzales

The band recently wrapped a national headlining tour and are finishing up their next studio album helmed by the KsE guitarist.

Creeping Death axe man Trey Pemberton recently sat in for a discussion with Knotfest's own Daniel DeKay. The guys touched on the band's touring slate that saw CD doing the heavy lifting as headliners, the band's work on their next full length studio album, and the sense of solidarity that seems especially unique among Texas bands.

Trey spoke about what he referred to as the Texas hardcore spirit, nurturing the next wave of bands looking to make their mark and building a community of artists that loan a hand where they can. Creeping Death were championed by bands like Power Trip, and now they are in a position to do the same for the next class.

Elaborating on the regional identity specific to Texas, Pemberton explained that while he not only feels it's important to always look out for the next wave of bands putting in work, the standard of excellence associated with the Lone Star State is no joke. Part of being up to snuff is also sharing your shine with the next generation - truly building a community. Including names like Skourge, Frozen Soul, and Tribal Gaze - suffice to say Texas is definitely putting on for heavy music.

Pemberton also gave some insight to the band's recent studio work with none other than Adam D. of Killswitch Engage. Currently in the thick of finalizing their sophomore album, Creeping Death have entrusted the guitarist with the production duties of the highly-anticipated follow-up. Heaving praise of Adam's inability to settle for anything subpar, Pemberton explained that his time with Adam has made him a better musician as a result.

Explaining that Adam has a knack for busting chops, he shared that Adam half-joked, "He's told me and AJ (Ross) if he combined my right hand and A.J.'s left hand, we would make one good guitar player in Creeping Death." The good natured ribbing is something that Pemberton shared motivating him to unlock a new level of potential.

Confirming that the album is completed, Pemberton explained that the process of hurry up and wait is currently in place as the band is dealing with mixing the record and game planning the rollout. While the details were scant, he did reveal that fans can expect to see something new from Creeping Death next year.

Check the compete interview with Trey Pemberton of Creeping Death below.

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