Upon Stone Prove Extreme Music's Next Formidable Contender with 'Dead Mother Moon'

Upon Stone Prove Extreme Music's Next Formidable Contender with 'Dead Mother Moon'

- By Ramon Gonzales

The band offer a detailed track-by-track providing insight on their devastating debut - a project destined fo make the shortlist for one of the best of the year.

SoCal's San Fernando Valley is steadily becoming a thriving hotbed for heavy with Upon Stone proving testament to that. Quickly asserting their position as one of the most promising prospects in the space of heavy music, the Scandinavian influence combined with modern execution has landed effectively with a cross section of fans both old and new. 

Making an emphatic introduction via Century Media Records, the first single, "Onyx Through the Heart" pummeled with black metal fury, bolstered by the kind of brawny riffs that paid tribute to the giants of extreme metal, while still asserting their own identity. 

Followed by the album's title track in "Dead Mother Moon", Upon Stone reaffirmed the hype, making good on the promise of modern heft leveled up with true sense of classic sound.

Enlisting producer Taylor Young (Twitching Tongues, Nails) at The famed Pit of the San Fernando Valley, the band has served well in putting the region on the map and the greater world of heavy music on notice that they are a force to be reckoned with. Presented with a sense of authenticity, almost reverence for the sound, Upon Stone's debut in Dead Mother Moon bridges timeless aggression with contemporary artistry in a way that adds credence to the culture. 

In short, Upon Stone are the real deal - equipped with the kind of debut that suggests their potential is undoubtedly promising. 

Underscoring the collaborative creative effort of the band and their finished product, the guys offered some insight to each track on the album. Indulging the mystic, the subversive and even the otherwordly, Upon Stone illuminate the murky, menacing musical odyssey that unfolds on Dead Mother Moon.  

“Dead Mother Moon”

A Mortal human’s search for meaning through the practice of ritual and magic. Discovering the power and reverence of the nocturnal spirit world waiting to be gained for those willing to devote themselves to it completely. The Dead Mother Moon represents a manifestation/personification of these elements. A deity/goddess ruling over it all. 

 “Onyx Through The Heart”


A less literal and more esoteric take on the theme of Vampirism. Everlasting life and the true price of it. Only when you live forever will you know it means to truly die. 

 “My Destiny; a Weapon”


The coming together of human and the primordial forces of nature both malevolent and benevolent. The harnessing of power through sacrifice. Becoming a weapon to survive by any means necessary. 

 “Dusk Sang Fairest”


Written about the passing of an old friend, but on a wider scale dealing with the idea of loss and memories. Thinking back to brighter days while the world burns around you. Nostalgia Incarnate. This song honors the dead and does its best to keep those memories alive. 

“Paradise Failed”


Humanities shortcomings as a species. Destroying the beauty and balance of the natural world through greed, religion, corruption and hatred for one another. 



An instrumental expression of the wonder found in the nighttime world. 

“To Seek and Follow the Call of Lions”


A Narrative of a soul died and reborn. The power and strength gained in the afterlife now returning to the mortal plane to do battle once again. Becoming the strongest version of yourself while you are alive. 

“The Lantern”


A journey through countless eons and past lives to try and discover the ultimate purpose of life through clandestine knowledge and hidden answers. An attempt to decode the universe and all of its mysteries, only to find that in death will it become clear. Rejoining the cosmos to represent an endless cycle of consciousness and spirit continuing forever.

Dead Mother Moon, the full length debut from Upon Stone is now available via Century Media Records. Get the album - HERE
Be sure to catch Upon Stone live as the band has a pair of confirmed SoCal dates. See the schedule below. 


Upon Stone Upcoming Shows

2/9 - Los Angeles, CA @ Knucklehead w/ Skinfather, Section H8, Darkness Everywhere, Greenwitch

3/9 - Santa Ana, CA @ La Santa w/ Skeletal Remains


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