Wacław "Vogg" Kiełtyka of Decapitated: The 10 Albums That Changed My Life

Wacław "Vogg" Kiełtyka of Decapitated: The 10 Albums That Changed My Life

- By Ramon Gonzales

The death metal lifer details the collection of albums that shaped his love for the the sound and furthered his education in brutality.

Celebrating the recent release of the band's eighth full length onslaught with Cancer Culture, Polish death metal purveyors Decapitated have once again reiterated how vital they remain in the landscape of modern extreme music.

The first studio release since 2017's Anticult, the album's layered compositions and uncompromisingly heavy delivery highlight a band that have only become better with age. From the razor-sharp precision of the title track, to the venomous volatility of "Hello Death" aided by Tati Shmayluk, to the added firepower of the Robb Flynn-guested "Iconoclast" - all ten cuts in the collection underscore a unit operating at their creative peak, adamant about pushing the boundaries of the genre.

With more than two decades in the game, Decapitated's ability to still find ways to ascend artistically is rooted in their ability to tap into their creative influences without mimicking them. Steeped in the culture and rooted in a foundation that has a unwavering appreciation for extreme art, the core of Decapitated remains just as much fans as they are important contributors - reinforcing their allegiance to brutality with a body of work that has only gotten better.

At the core of the band's compositional command, guitarist and songwriter Wacław "Vogg" Kiełtyka continues to be driving force as one of the genre's most venerated, veteran craftsmen. From his eight studio albums with Decapitated and his work with the likes of Machine Head, the musician remains a respected voice, a prolific practitioner, and a savvy veteran in-tune with what makes good music great.

To better highlight the kind of education Vogg earned before climbing the ranks of the genre, we asked the musician to detail the albums that set the framework for his legendary career thus far. In ten albums we get a better understanding of how Vogg became the artist he is now and how Decapitated's ability to create timeless heft comes from having a keen ear for the classics.

Morbid Angel - Covenant

Vogg - This album changed my life forever. Pure death metal magic. The atmosphere of this masterpiece is not from this world.


Kat - Bastard

Vogg - The best polish metal band of all time. Guitar work on this record is unbelievable.A very strong lyrical message was something essential for me to in my early days of being a young metal head.


Metallica - ...and justice for all

Vogg - I love all Metallica albums but if I need to choose which I'm taking for the desert island it would be Justice.


Sepultura - Arise

Vogg - Aggression and atmosphere from other worlds…I love everything on this record. Max's vocals, riffs, the amazing solos of Andreas Kisser, the great drum work of Igor Cavalera. Such a classic!


Pestilence- Spheres

Vogg - This album was so different than anything at all. Cosmic travel into the afterlife.


Steve Vai - Fire Garden

Vogg - The perfection of performance and compositions. Arrangements are so incredible here. Beautiful album.


Machine head - Burn My Eyes

Vogg - Robb Flynn and Co took metal to a different level on this record. From first to last song just a crushing album. Pure metal heaviness. Great songwriting, riffs, drums performance of Chris Kontos!!! I love this record to death.


Pantera - Cowboys from Hell

Vogg - Its got a special place in my heart.Dime's riffs and solos here changed my life and the direction I went looking for my sound. Legendary record.


Meshuggah - Chaosphere

Vogg - Visionaries of metal, the most important thing that happened in metal music over last 30 years.


Vader - De Profundis

Vogg - One of the best records of all time. A rebellion that tore the Polish metal from behind the iron curtain.


Cancer Culture is currently available via Nuclear Blast Records. Order it – HERE.


Catch Decapitated live with Despised Icon throughout the UK and EU along with support from Brand of Sacrifice, Distant and Viscera. Dates can be found following the visual for “Iconoclast”.

29.10.22 Germany Hannover @ Faust
30.10.22 Germany Wiesbaden @ Schlachthof
31.10.22 Belgium Brussels @ Botanique
01.11.22 UK London @ The Electric Ballroom
02.11.22 UK Bristol @ SWX
03.11.22 UK Birmingham @ The Mill
04.11.22 UK Glasgow @ Garage

05.11.22 UK Manchester @ Damnation Fest (without BOS, Viscera)
06.11.22 France Paris @ La Machine du Moulin Rouge
07.11.22 France Lyon @ CCO
08.11.22 Switzerland Pratteln @ Z7
09.11.22 Germany Munich @ Backstage
10.11.22 Italy Milan @ Slaughter Club
11.11.22 Slovenia Ljubljana @ Orto Bar
12.11.22 Hungary Budapest @ Dürer Kert
13.11.22 Czech Rep Prague @ Meet Factory
14.11.22 Poland Warsaw @ Proxima
15.11.22 Germany Leipzig @ Felsenkeller
16.11.22 Germany Berlin @ SO36
17.11.22 Germany Hamburg @ Gruenspan
18.11.22 Netherlands Tilburg @ 013
19.11.22 Germany Bochum @ Matrix

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