Warfect offer their list of influential essentials and add to the curriculum of classic thrash

Warfect offer their list of influential essentials and add to the curriculum of classic thrash

- By Ramon Gonzales

The Swedish thrash tacticians celebrate the release of their fourth LP, 'Spectre of Devastation', and unveil the albums that helped steer their dominating brand of musical horsepower.

There are few regions as synonymous with metal music than Sweden.

Among the country's exported talent includes a broad spectrum of important contributors ranging from Entombed, Watain, Dark Funeral, Sabaton, plus specialists like Amon Amarth, Meshuggah, At The Gates and In Flames. The county is replete with genre mainstays and continues to offer a rotation of artists equipped to add to that Swedish legacy.

Among that next crop of artists primed to make an emphatic impact is Gothenburg's very own, Warfect. The trio have been kicking around since their 2003 debut but have seemed to recharge with some added momentum for their fourth LP in 2020 Spectre of Devastation.

The 8-track collection of time-honored thrash with a healthy char, serves as a testament the band's ear for the classics and ability their to modernize the sound. A potent concoction of speed, precision, and the kind of metallic posture that comes with the optics of a trio that plays such hefty thrash is what makes the allure of the band very real.

Among the album's three singles released, selections like "Left To Rot," "Pestilence," and the most recent "Into the Fray" showcase a diverse portion of an album that embraces the traditional elements of thrash and offers an impressive modern translation.

To get a comprehensive understanding of the band's musical foundation, they have detailed some of the albums remain important in asserting their audio identity and the resulting list is like required coursework. Among the roster of artists include pioneers of the genre and innovators that not only moved the culture forward, but offered albums that ultimately transformed it.

Here are the albums that helped shape Warfect.

Dissection - Storm of the Light's Bane

Warfect - Jon's vocals are just fantastic. The album has a very ominous aura to it. Exceptionally well-written and also very well performed. Those classical guitar parts are truly great and give the album even more dynamic.

Megadeth - Rust in Peace

Warfect - The technicality and the performance on this album is amazing. So is the song writing. The solos are extremely well-written and the addition of Marty Friedman makes it almost perfect.

Judas Priest - Painkiller

Warfect - This is probably the metal album of all metal albums. This one has it all. Blazing guitar solos, screams that would wake the dead and absolutely amazing songs all they way through. Presenting metal music to alien visitors when that day comes, this is the album to play.

Slayer - Reign in Blood

Warfect - This album cemented our love of drums. Dave's drumming on this piece is exceptional and done in a way never heard before. The quality of the songs are exceptional and put a new long-lasting dimension to thrash metal.

Sepultura - Arise

Warfect - This is so raw. The sound on this album is just great and fits the music perfectly. Andreas' and Max's at times montone riffing coupled with Igor's fierce drumming and Max's voice just pulverizes everything.

Bathory - Bathory

Warfect - The beginning of black metal but also exceptionally thrashy. Thrash metal possibly wouldn't even exist today if it were not for this album.

Death - Symbolic

Warfect - This is a technical masterpiece. One can't get enough of those drums. Chuck's vocals fits perfectly and the talent of those musicians are enormous. All hail Chuck.

Kreator - Pleasure to Kill

Warfect - Mille's vocals are so fierce and makes the sound super agressive. This is pure thrash metal. Those Germans knew how to hammer it down. Love the raw sound on this album. Speed.

Metallica - Ride the Lightning

Warfect - There's no denying this is a total classic. The song writing is perfect and one could see already on this album why they went on to become the world's biggest metal band. Great vocals by James and the album has a certain feeling to it sound-wise. Very well-written solos too.

Sodom - Agent Orange

Warfect - Thrash metal d-beat kings Sodom. Tom's vocals are just fantastic and yet diverse. This album is also has a kind of rock-n-roll to it. Games changers of thrash metal.

Spectre of Devastation from WARFECT is now available via Napalm Records - HERE // Watch the latest video for "Into The Fray" from Warfect below.

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