HardLore: Brendan Garrone (Incendiary)

HardLore: Brendan Garrone (Incendiary)

- By Maxime Cherrier

HardLore sits down with Brendan Garrone, the enigmatic frontman of INCENDIARY, contemporary Long Island legends.

Occuring just minutes after their incredible set at FYA Fest 2024, we hear all about Incendiary's origins and their early goals as the most local of local bands, how Cost of Living accelerated their growth expeditiously, and what a massive undertaking it is to release 4 full length albums as a hardcore band.

Brendan is a great friend of the show and possesses the gift of gab like few others, we had a blast chatting with him and hope you all enjoy. Their new album CHANGE THE WAY YOU THINK ABOUT PAIN is available now via Closed Casket Activities.

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