HardLore explores THE PUNK ROCK MUSEUM

HardLore explores THE PUNK ROCK MUSEUM

- By Matt Rushton

Colin and Bo visited The Punk Rock Museum in Las Vegas, NV to bring you a full tour of the building and their incredible collection of punk and hardcore memorabilia.

There is no better place in the world for fans of punk music to learn more about the bands they love and get to see the artifacts that shaped the music we know and love. The latest excursion of for the HardLore crews finds Colin and Bo trekking to Sin City to delve into the meticulously curated collection of art and culture houses in the halls of the Punk Rock Museum. 

The episode kicks off of in the most punk of ways, with the guys' tour guide deciding to skip out, leaving Colin and Bo to make their own way through the exhibitions that span, generations, regions, and various sub sects of punks' long, chaotic and influential history. 

Heaving praise on the likes of Lars Frederiksen of Rancid, Minor Threat, Dag Nasty and Bad Religion guitarist Brian Baker, prolific punk artist Richard Pettibon as well as plenty of Misfits worship (as well as a revisiting of the origin story of "London Dungeon"), the guys surveyed the comprehensive collection. Shifting through the artifacts, artwork and memorabilia, the guys expressed how apparent it was that the collection was compiled by people that understood the significance of the bands and the nuance of the culture. 

Among the highlights from the episode include a visit to the Pennywise rehearsal room inside the museum for an impromptu jam. Bo shares his appreciation for Social Distortion while confiding a bit of a mix-up with Adolescents. Colin bends at the knee for VInnie Stigma and the legends Agnostic Front and explains how H.R. of Bad Brains would not only be on the Mount Rushmore of greatest frontmen, but every other frontman would tell you the same thing.

Speaking on their experience at the museum, the guys shared, "Thank you to the punk rock museum for having us, we had a blast and HIGHLY recommend all bands and fans of the genre to stop by as soon as you can."

See the full episode of HardLore at the Punk Rock Museum below. 

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