HardLore: Madison Watkins (Year of the Knife)

HardLore: Madison Watkins (Year of the Knife)

- By Maxime Cherrier

On June 28th, 2023, every band’s worst nightmare became reality for our good friends in Year of the Knife - they were involved in a horrific van accident while on tour, which put the band on hiatus and ultimately lead to vocalist MADISON WATKINS being in in critical condition, suffering major physical trauma, experiencing over a month of memory loss and fracturing nearly every bone in her body.

After months and months of uncertainty, impossibly hard work on her end, triumph of her indomitable and incomparable human spirit, and endless support from her husband Brandon, her family, her doctors, the hardcore community and beyond. We are so grateful to say, our very good friend Madison Watkins is finally here as our very special guest.

Enjoy these two hours of triumph and insight into one of the strongest people we know.

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