Black Spiders get frisky, plus albums from Shores of Null and Kamelot on the latest Hell Bent for Metal

Black Spiders get frisky, plus albums from Shores of Null and Kamelot on the latest Hell Bent for Metal

- By Matt Rushton

A singalong stoner anthem from Black Spiders is in the sights of the LGBTQ+ heavy metal podcast this week, as it proves to have multiple accidental gay applications. Plus HCGBs this week features albums from Shores Of Null, and Kamelot.

The Camp Classic returns this week with a look at the track 'St. Peter' by Sheffield stoner stars Black Spiders, from their 2011 debut Sons of the North. After getting stumped on what remotely queer material Tom could have heard for the last few CCs, Matt has an offer here and for once it's him who's seen the smuttier interpretation of the song's lyrics. He dives into the fact that basically every single line in the song could be seen to be talking about gay anal sex, talk of 'reaping a harvest' and being 'let in' by St. Peter himself to boot. There's discussions on how people that don't like queer folk seem more obsessed by the idea of men having sex with men than the people actually involved in the act, and about how some sectors of society are going out of their way to make LGBTQ+ people feel included.

Tom goes on a more literal approach, seeing the song from the point of view of someone pleading their case to be let in at the gates of heaven, something that many religious queer folk (or those that have been brought up that way and have residual feelings about it) could worry about and battle with. This inevitably segues into tangents about gay dating app Grindr threatening to out religious zealots, homophobic preachers getting caught in rather compromising positions, and the concept of who defines 'sin'.

It's time for a visit to the Hate Crew Gaybar, and this week the albums being entered into the jukebox are The Loss of Beauty by Italian melodic black metal maestros Shores of Null, and legendary US power-metallers Kamelot with their 13th offering, The Awakening.

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