Jay Weinberg finds excitement in the experimentation of 'The End, So Far'

Jay Weinberg finds excitement in the experimentation of 'The End, So Far'

- By Ramon Gonzales

The Slipknot drummer discusses the culture of the band, the international scope of Knotfest, and how next album melds existing ideas with daring experimentation to make something memorable.

The Knotfest backstage interview series with correspondent Sophie K. of the award-winning podcast, On Wednesdays We Wear Black welcomed a very special guest in its most recent edition. Drummer, painter, and hockey enthusiast Jay Weinberg took the hot seat to discuss Slipknot's international presence on the festival circuit and the highly-anticipated new full length, The End, So Far.

Speaking to level of involvement and creative fuel that goes into anything Slipknot, including their Knotfest destination events like their recent Germany and Finland excursions, Weinberg shared that the ideology within the band is always to operate at 100%, anything less is of no interest to the collective. Delving more in the evolution of the Knotfest experience, Weinberg explained that the band views Knotfest as a creative extension and as such, feels its important to have a hand in every aspect of the execution.

Weinberg went on to share how his first shows with the band were destination shows and reiterated how Slipknot has continued to increase their global reach under the Knotfest banner. The drummer discussed how performing all of the world, affords the band a greater perspective and an interesting vantage point that not only allows them to see the best elements of various festivals, but to understand the energy and the cultural identity specific to each destination. Better grasping those nuances really allows for the Knotfest experience to be tailor-made to ensure each experience is not only immersive, but is best suited to the identity of it's host.

Slightly shifting gears, Weinberg reflected on the enduring culture of Slipknot as force that continues to find new creative strides some 25 years in the game. He spoke of the generational appeal that exists with the band and how the music is still resonating as effectively with the newer TikTok generation of fans as much as it does with the die-hard day ones. Though the band has evolved as artists and songwriters, Weinberg explained that the passion that has always been the foundation for the art has remained core and his hope is that the fans can hear the work being poured into their craft. That Slipknot standard of excellence and nothing less, is what Weinberg attributes to the band's longevity and continued relevance.

Delving more into the creative evolution of Slipknot, Weinberg remained guarded about the details of their new record The End, So Far but did share his enthusiasm for how the album managed to showcase another dimension of the band's versatility. He elaborated by sharing how the album was successful at roping in different sounds and style points that likely wouldn't be typical of Slipknot, essentially building new weapons in their arsenal. Emphasizing that while going hard and fast is core to Slipknot's sound, when the band was able to explore different lanes, dare to be experimental and still give it a Slipknot signature - that is an achievement that excites Weinberg as both a fan and a contributor.

The drummer went on to add that the excitement that the fans feel and the swelling of anticipation is very much shared by the band in the lead up to the album release. Weinberg detailed that the artistic experience is finding gratification in not only creating, but sharing that work. Spending so much time isolated to ensure focus on the project, ultimately shifts to emerging from that isolation to share what the band worked so hard on. Seeing the reaction and sharing those songs with their community is an important part of the payoff.

Weinberg also revealed how The End, So Far was successful at materializing the full potential of some Slipknot songs that have been in existence since the Gray Chapter-era. Coming off his first tour with the band and the completion of the pivotal 2014 album, Weinberg shared that the creative energy during that time was rampant and resulted in a flood of ideas - some of which were never quite fully developed - until now. Revisiting some of those ideas, Slipknot was able to pull from their archive while adding to their repertoire - taking a bit of the old to accent the new.

Stream the compete interview with Jay Weinberg of Slipknot below. The End, So Far lands September 30th via Roadrunner Records. Order the album - HERE

Slipknot are currently on the third leg of the Knotfest Roadshow along with special guests Ice Nine Kills and Crown The Empire. A complete of dates and cities can be found below. Get tickets and additional information - HERE

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