VMan shares how 'The End, So Far' was intended to take listeners on a journey

VMan shares how 'The End, So Far' was intended to take listeners on a journey

- By Matt Rushton

Sophie K chats to VMAN from SLIPKNOT at the inaugural Knotfest Germany about how the fest came together and the band's involvement in that and the lineup.

In an exclusive interview from the site of the inaugural Knotfest Germany, heavy culture voice Sophie K of On Wednesdays We Wear Black managed to steal some time with Alessandro VMan Venturella of the mighty Slipknot for a discussion that covered everything from the eagerly-awaited new album, the band's relentless touring schedule and which bands on the Germany bill he is excited to see.

Diving into the curation of a festival like Knotfest Germany and given it's diverse, dynamic roster, Sophie inquired what the process is like in determining who makes the cut. VMan explained that the beauty of having nine members in a band is having such a broad spectrum of musical preferences. While that could make the focus difficult to narrow down, VMan shared how that varied input is valued and ensures that nothing grows stale or repetitive. He cited the recent Knotfest Roadshow trek with hip hop legends Cypress Hill as an example of the kind of forward thinking that happens with great minds come together.

Naturally, the conversation steered towards one of the biggest release of the calendar year. VMan detailed how things were uncertain for a brief bit as his Visa was finishing right around the time the pandemic was really hitting hard. Fortunately, he was able to get that sorted and spent the better part of a year living in Iowa and getting to work with clown on what would be the next musical iteration of Slipknot.

In true Slipknot fashion, VMan kept the details of the album close to the chest, but did share that the objective creatively was to craft a journey and create a narrative that permeates throughout the record. He detailed that while there are the heavy elements that fans love about Slipknot, there is a dynamic of ebb and flow that takes the listener on a trip - one that culminates in a way that feels gratifying.

Delving into the single "The Dying Song (Time To Sing)", VMan elaborated on how incredible the process of songwriting really is. Going from idea to demo to studio finished track, the musician expanded on his appreciation for the craft and how the band's producer Joe Barresi has an uncanny ability to level up a good song to a great one. VMan also heaved praise on boundless talent Michael Pfaff, whom he explained is an incredibly gifted, well-rounded musician.

Nudged once more for some details on the new album, VMan again played it cool and reiterated that the course of the album is very much a musical journey that goes to places that the band hasn't braved before - and that is certainly something getting excited about.

Stream the complete interview with Alessandro VMan Venturella of Slipknot and Sophie K of On Wednesdays We Wear Black below.

The End, So Far drops September 30th via Roadrunner Records. Pre-order the album – HERE

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