Alien Weaponry to Premiere Documentary Film at Tribeca Film Festival

Alien Weaponry to Premiere Documentary Film at Tribeca Film Festival

- By Ramon Gonzales

Alien Weaponry: Kua Tupu Te Ara frames the significance of the Māori culture and the groove metal band from New Zealand that have has become their global ambassadors.

Emerging groove metal outfit Alien Weaponry submitted one of the most important album of 2021 with their opus, Tangaroa. The celebrated full length on Napalm Records, showcased the history and culture of the band's Māori lineage, implementing the lyrics, themes and language of the indigenous people. 

For the last six years, film director and documentarian Kent Belcher has been embedded with the band, filming a comprehensive documentary that frames Alien Weaponry's unconventional trajectory and the vital quality of their craft. With an emphasis on the brothers Henry Te Reiwhati de Jong and Lewis Raharuhi de Jong, the film underscores a reverence for the Māori people and highlights how Alien Weaponry embody that cultural pride in their craft. 

Now, the 97-minute documentary film several years in the making, Alien Weaponry: Kua Tupu Te Ara, is set to make a prestigious premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York next month. The film which features appearances from the likes of Lamb of God's Randy Blythe, Testament's Chuck Billy and Joe and Mario Duplantier of Gojira will makr it's global premiere on June 6th, 2024 at the Village East Cinema. The premiere will include a special Q&A with the film's director Kent Belcher, writer/producer Nigel McCulloch and editor.

The film's director Kent Blecher detailed his excitement of the news and spoke about this fulfillment of the project. “After six years of traveling with, living with and filming the Alien Weaponry family, to finally be able to share that with audiences and showcase Māori culture in a vibrant and heartfelt way is just so rewarding. To have my first film as director premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival is an absolute dream come true."

Belcher added, "What makes our film is the family aspect. The ups and downs, the strains of being on the road with your family and then pulling through because you’ve all got a common goal. They’re an amazing, powerful group of people and they’ve taught me a hell of a lot. I’m so privileged to be part of this. I can’t put it into words how lucky I am to have met these people, be able to film these people and then being able to learn stuff about myself. It has honestly been the best experience of my life.”

See the film's screening schedule at Tribeca - HERE

Alien Weaponry: Kua Tupu Te Ara 
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