Alluvial Releases Haunting Title Track Video from New EP 'Death Is But a Door'

Alluvial Releases Haunting Title Track Video from New EP 'Death Is But a Door'

- By Cori Westbrook

The band previews their pending EP and builds excitement leading up to their winter tour in early 2024 supporting Veil of Maya and Angelmaker.

The much-anticipated new EP, Death Is But a Door, from the Atlanta-based metal band Alluvial is set to make waves in the music world, with its title track video, released today, already creating a buzz. Directed by Juan Carlos Escobar Salazar, the video presents a haunting narrative set in a dystopian urban landscape, underscoring the band's exploration of dark themes. Viewers are advised of its intense content, including depictions of gun violence.

The band's perspective on the track is both profound and introspective, stating, "The best of us carry a dormant horror; the very worst of us still have a heart." This exploration of the human condition is a central theme in their music.

Director Juan Carlos Escobar Salazar shared his enthusiasm for the project, highlighting his long-standing admiration for Alluvial's work. "Ever since I heard Alluvial's Sarcoma, they quickly became one of my absolute favorite bands. As a musician myself, I was blown away by their technicality, brutality, and their devastating wall of sound in their songs. So when my friend Mada Fleming introduced me to Kevin Muller literally a couple months ago, he mentioned the possibility of collaborating on a music video for a song in their upcoming EP. I was more than thrilled! Through a phone call, Wes Hauch and Kevin gave me the premise of what they had in mind for the video. After knowing what their vision was, I reached out to the incredibly talented actor, writer, producer, and director Nickolas Jacobs and through a lot of work and ingenuity, we delivered a piece that encapsulates the vision of the band and the atmosphere of the song. As a cinematographer, I had a lot of fun creating this; as a musician and a huge fan, it was an honor being part of this project with Alluvial and Nuclear Blast Records."

The EP features other tracks like "Bog Dweller," "Fogbelt," and "Area Code," alongside the impactful title track. Following a successful tour supporting TesseracT, Alluvial is gearing up for a winter tour with Veil of Maya and Angelmaker, covering various locations from Green Bay, WI to Joliet, IL. Tickets are available HERE

Tour dates:

1/19 — Green Bay, WI  — Epic Events Center
1/20 — Madison, WI — Majestic Theatre
1/21— Indianapolis, IN — Hi-Fi
1/23 — St. Louis, MO — Red Flag
1/24 —Columbia, MO — Blue Note
1/26 —Denver, CO — Gothic
1/27 — Colorado Springs, CO — Black Sheep
1/29 — Los Angeles, CA — El Rey
1/30— Mesa, AZ — Nile Theater
2/1 — Houston, TX — Scout Bar
2/2 —Austin, TX — Empire Garage
2/3 —New Orleans, LA — Southport Hall
2/4 — Atlanta, GA — The Masquerade (Heaven)
2/6 — Charlotte, NC — The Underground
2/8— Baltimore, MD — Soundstage
2/9 —Hartford, CT — Webster Underground
2/10 —Harrisburg, PA — HMAC
2/13 —New York, NY — Gramercy Theater*
2/14 —Pittsburgh, PA — Preserving Underground
2/15— Cincinnati, OH — Bogart's
2/16— Joliet, IL — The Forge

Since its formation in 2017, Alluvial has been known for their unique sound, blending intense polyrhythms, haunting atmospheres, and tight grooves. Death Is But a Door promises to dive deeper into the realms of darkness and heaviness, continuing the band's trajectory of exploring and expanding the boundaries of their genre.

Guitarist Wes Hauch spoke about the band's drive to constantly evolve, aiming to outdo their previous work, Sarcoma, in terms of intensity and depth. "We wrote about 13 or 14 songs this summer, but we wanted to do this EP between Sarcoma and our next full-length. These songs align with the vibe we want to go for. We will always find a way to be darker from record to record in the same way that South of Heaven was heavier than Reign In Blood and Seasons In The Abyss was heavier than South Of Heaven," says Hauch. "It was that concept of chasing the dragon to find a way to top the message and vibe on the last record while finding a way to do it that made us excited." 

The addition of a vocalist to their originally instrumental lineup marked a turning point in Alluvial's sound, bringing a new dimension to their music. This latest release is a testament to the synergy and growth the band has experienced, showcasing their ability to blend a variety of influences while pushing the limits of death metal.

Alluvial's members, having been part of renowned metal groups, bring a rich blend of brutality and musical exploration to their work. This mix invites listeners to delve into the depths of their music, discovering new elements with each listen.

With more to come from Alluvial in 2024, fans and metal enthusiasts can expect continued innovation and evolution from this dynamic band.

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