Blood Incantation Announce New Album, 'Absolute Elsewhere'

Blood Incantation Announce New Album, 'Absolute Elsewhere'

- By Ramon Gonzales

The album explores the band's exploration of Sci-Fi heavy 1970's prog and comes packaged with a new discord and their otherworldly Stargate Research Society discord and app.

Colorado outfit Blood Incantation have announced the next full length phase in their sonic evolution with the confirmation of an October album release in, Absolute Elsewhere. 

Sourcing inspiration from mid-70's era prog pillars, Blood Incantation landed on Paul Fishman's project of the same name - more specifically, the 1976 album In Search of Ancient Gods. The album was crafted as expansive musical accompaniment to the works of Chariots of the Gods? author Erich Von Daniken. Aligning with Blood Incantation's otherworldly exploratory lean, the meld of style and substance offered the perfect inspirational intersection.

Following Blood Incantation's hailed 2022 ambient masterclass in Timewave Zero, and the 2023 maxi-single Luminescent Bridge, Absolute Elsewhere runs an immersive 45 minutes and consists of just two sprawling movements, "The Stargate" and "The Message". Working with revered producer Arthur Rizk, the band retreated to Berlin, Germany to begin work at Hansa Tonstudios. The legendary destination was home to some of the 1970s most definitive prog works from the likes of Tangerine Dream, Eloy and Brian Eno to name a few. 

In fact, Tangerine Dream’s own Thorsten Quaeschning would contribute lead synths, Mellotron and programming to “The Stargate [Tablet II]”. Additional guests on the album include Nicklas Malmqvist of Hällas, on lead synths/keys, piano and Mellotron throughout all tracks, and Malte Gericke, the Sijjin/ex-Necros Christos frontman contributing guest vocals. 

Completing Blood Incantation's full immersion in their progressive era, the band also tapped cherished 70's Sci-Fi artist Steve R. Dodd to craft Absolute Elsewhere visual art and aesthetic. 

Blood Incantation's Paul Riedl offer his assessment of the totality of the project. “‘Absolute Elsewhere’ is our most potent audial extract/musical trip yet; like the soundtrack to a Herzog-style Sci-Fi epic about the history of/battle for human consciousness itself, via a 70s Prog album played by a 90s Death Metal band from the future.”

In addition to the news of the October 4th release via Century Media Records, Blood Incantation have launched their Stargate Research Society with both a discord and an accompanying app - HERE. The central hub for all things Blood Incantation, the app follows recent findings from researchers at the society based on recently discovered 80’s era floppy disk containing vintage celestial tracker software. 

The researchers were able to re-activate the space tracker and have found a new red planet adjacent to Orion's Belt. The society has made their research available to the public in an effort to warn citizens of the planet’s rapid approach toward Earth, with a possible collision occurring in October 2024 - aligning with the arrival of Blood Incantation's next iteration. 

Sign up for the Stargate Research Society Discord - HERE

Get the Stargate Research Society Elsewhere Searcher App - HERE
Absolute Elsewhere from Blood Incantation arrives October 4th
via Century Media Records.


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