Borknagar Announces New Album, 'Fall'

Borknagar Announces New Album, 'Fall'

- By Cori Westbrook

Stream the consuming first single, "Summits", which begins the net chapter for following the 2019 release of True North.

Norwegian avant-garde and progressive black metal trailblazers, Borknagar, are elated to reveal their monumental twelfth studio album, Fall, set for global release on February 23rd through their long-time associates at Century Media Records. Fans can begin pre-ordering the album now HERE

The band has kickstarted this much-anticipated release by unveiling "Summits," the album's lead single and opening track. The visualizer for the single, crafted by Wanderley Perna of W Designer, is available below.

Spanning across eight majestic tracks and a total of 54 minutes, Fall promises an epic auditory journey. The album benefits from the expert mixing skills of Jens Bogren at Fascination Street Studios, known for his work with Opeth, Amon Amarth, and Kreator. Complementing the sonic experience is the striking cover artwork by Eliran Kantor, who has previously worked with Testament, My Dying Bride, and Sodom.

Øystein G. Brun, the founder and creative force behind Borknagar, shares his thoughts on Fall: "We are extremely proud to present our twelfth album, Fall, marking another chapter in our musical voyage. In many ways, Fall is a continuation of True North, but we've pushed even further to explore new horizons. We remain faithful to our musical legacy, yet we've ventured through fire and ice to scale our highest peak yet. The album weaves a diverse tapestry of musical and lyrical ideas, centered around the fascination and appreciation for the fringes of life – the remote and often overlooked elements vital to our existence. With Fall, we aim to honor and highlight all that sustains and challenges us against the great fall."

Discussing the single "Summits," Brun adds: "From birth, nature strives to return us to the earth. The solitary battle of being, or the grand struggle of all life, will inevitably wear us down, whether from within or without. Yet, in the brief time we endure, we all seek the pinnacle of our existence. 'Summits,' our first single from Fall, delves into this perpetual drama of life, unfolding at the very edges of existence."

Fall follows the critically acclaimed True North album from 2019 and will be available in various formats, including a limited first-pressing Digipak CD, a Gatefold 2-LP on 180gr vinyl, and as a Digital Album.

Fall will be released on February 23rd via Century Media Records. Preorders are available HERE

Fall Tracklist:

  1. "Summits"
  2. "Nordic Anthem"
  3. "Afar"
  4. "Moon"
  5. "Stars Ablaze"
  6. "Unraveling"
  7. "The Wild Lingers"
  8. "Northward"
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