Enter Shikari Teams Up with AViVA for Explosive New Single "Strangers"

Enter Shikari Teams Up with AViVA for Explosive New Single "Strangers"

- By Cori Westbrook

The UK powerhouse continues their streak of compelling collaborations with the latest following the celebrated, 'A Kiss For the Whole World'.

Enter Shikari, renowned for their innovative approach to music, has just released a new single titled "Strangers," featuring the equally dynamic AViVA. This release marks another chapter in the band's history of successful collaborations, previously working with artists like Cody Frost, WARGASM, and You Me At Six.

"Strangers" emerges as a powerful anthem, blending the distinctive styles of Enter Shikari and AViVA. Rou Reynolds, the lead vocalist and producer of Enter Shikari, expressed his excitement about collaborating with AViVA, "AViVA has has such a great voice (I can still hear her operatic warm ups, echoing around the backstage rooms!), so it was a pleasure to sing with her on the track. Rob and I got to visit her at home on the beautiful coast of New South Wales and work together on what would become Strangers, the story of newly found freedom from a suffocating relationship.”

AViVA shared her enthusiasm for the project, "Teaming up with Enter Shikari for this project has been an incredible experience. After touring with them in 2022 we thought it would be fun to work on a song together and 'Strangers' just seemed perfect." 

"We all share a deep passion for music, and together, we've crafted something truly special that I believe our fans will love. The song has been worked on across multiple countries, and time zones, and we were even lucky enough to do the vocal recording together at my home studio. The song continues to explore a concept I see as a throughline in much of my artistic work. The loss of connection, and isolation that follows. the line 'we're just strangers now' really sums it up, but I think people will really connect with the rawness of this song, be it the loss of a romantic relationship or losing a friend, that pain often lingers with us for a long time."

The band's new album, A Kiss for the Whole World, features a variety of tracks that explore themes of spontaneity, exploration, and identity. The album has been well-received, with critics lauding it as potentially their finest work, rooted in the present yet futuristic in sound.

AViVA, known for her hit single "GRRRLS" and her unique emo-pop/alt-rock style, has a strong following and has released two novels. Her collaboration with Enter Shikari on "Strangers" adds another dimension to her already impressive career.

As Enter Shikari moves forward, they continue to redefine the music landscape with their innovative sound and profound messages, drawing in fans worldwide with their passionate and vibrant music.

A Kiss For the Whole World from Enter Shikari Is Available - HERE

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