Ice Nine Kills Goes Ska with Reel Big Fish To Cover "Walking On Sunshine"

Ice Nine Kills Goes Ska with Reel Big Fish To Cover "Walking On Sunshine"

- By Ramon Gonzales

The take on the iconic 80's anthem is featured as part of the 

Sumerian Comics' 'American Psycho' comic book series. 

Spencer Charnas and the guys in Ice Nine Kills have just unveiled an unexpected collaboration with ska punk OGs Reel Big Fish. Taking on a cover of the classic 80's feel-good anthem, the tandem revisited the Katrina & the Waves hit "Walking On Sunshine" with a beefed up, especially energized rendition of the track. 

Featured as part of the curated soundtrack for the Sumerian Comics' 'American Psycho' comic book series, the cover from INK and RBF joins previously revealed entries from the likes of Puscifer, Perturbator, Ramsey and more as the musical accompaniment for the five-part series written by Michael Calero (Quested) and anchored by the artwork of Piotr Kowalski (The Witcher, Bloodborne, Sex) and Brad Simpson.



Speaking about the unlikely pairing of metalcore and ska punk, INK frontman Charnas spoke candidly about the union and how the track underscores his appreciation for ska, while still remaining on brand with the horror cinephile that has become synonymous with all things INK. 

"It’s no secret to INK fans that ska punk and horror movies are what pumps through my bloodstream. When the opportunity arose to combine one of my favorite films with one of my favorites bands of all time I didn’t just jump at the chance, I skanked over to my nail gun, axe and chainsaw and bludgeoned out my favorite cover we’ve ever done."

Nathan Yocum, president of Sumerian Comics also expressed his enthusiasm about the massive joint venture. "We are thrilled to have Ice Nine Kills performing a cover of 'Walking On Sunshine' for the soundtrack to our American Psycho comic book series. Their unique blend of theatricality and intensity perfectly complements the dark and twisted themes of our story. This collaboration brings an exciting new dimension to the project, and we can't wait for fans to experience this iconic song like never before."

The acclaimed American Psycho comic series modernizes the life and exploits of the iconic Patrick Bateman, while introducing his Gen-Z iteration in Charlene Carruthers. The violent escalation Charlene Carruthers offers a compelling parallel to that of the definitive Bateman character, creating a new era of the American Psycho cannon. 

The five part comic series is available via Sumerian Comics - HERE

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