Jason Aalon Butter of Fever333 Drops Linkin Park/2Pac Mash-Up

Jason Aalon Butter of Fever333 Drops Linkin Park/2Pac Mash-Up

- By Ramon Gonzales

The frontman/activist combines nu-metal and G-funk by melding "In the End" with the '96 anthem, "Can't C Me".

Among rock music's most articulate and forward-thinking frontmen, Jason Aalon Butler of Fever333 continues to champion rock culture by daring to address the its creative boundaries. 

Taking to social media, Butler has dropped a mash-up of two definitive songs of presumably contrasting styles in an effort to encourage conversation about embracing different styles under the umbrella of rock. In an especially bold move, Butler sourced anthems from both Linkin Park and 2Pac as a means to kick off the conversation. 

Along with his rendition of the two sons combined, Butler shared the following. 

“I’ve spent so much of my life at the intersection of hip hop and rock. Trying to figure out how to fuse the two in a way that underscores an authentic understanding of both. I really feel like this new Fever333 music I’m sitting on is finally hittin in that way, but since that ain’t out yet I figured I’d pay tribute to artists from those two sides of the spectrum that influenced what you’ll soon here.

How many of y’all listen to genres that seem 'contradictory' or 'guilty pleasures'? How many of y’all are tired of having to fit your enjoyment into a box? How many of y’all FEEL ME & what should I mash next??

Thank you 2pac & Linkin Park"



The drop lands as Fever333 are due to begin a supporting run throughout Europe with Enter Shikari on the A Kiss for the Whole World Tour. The run begins February 9th in Leeds and closes out on February 28th in Munich. See the list of dates below. 



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