Mandatory Jams: New Heat for the Week 11/24

Mandatory Jams: New Heat for the Week 11/24

- By Ramon Gonzales

Among the many things we all have to be thankful for, one of them most certainly is the plethora of hefty music that continues to land even as 2023 draws to a close. From metalcore to hardcore, death metal to black metal, thrash to grind the variety offers a real indicator of just how healthy the state of heavy music is and fans are the ones reaping the benefits. 

On this Thanksgiving week, let us show our gratitude by cranking up the following short list of new jams as loud as we possibly can. Here's the rundown of new heat for the week on our Mandatory Jams. 


While Aussie metalcore standouts Alpha Wolf have remained busy, delivering their Lo-Fi remix project Shh earlier this year and the collaborative EP with Holding Absence last, it seems as though the band have achieved a gear once again with the standalone banger, "Bring Back the Noise". Featuring frenetic riffs, bombastic percussion and an urgent showing from vocalist Lochie Keogh, the band are operating at their peak which suggest the next year should have something significant in store. 

Progressive death metal unit Alluvial has debuted the title track to their forthcoming January 2024 full length and to call it menacing is likely putting it lightly. Coupled with a very NSFW cinematic visual, the track boasts serious technical chops while harnessing all of the grisly, gut-wrenching horror that has made the genre so polarizing. Not for the faint of heart, Alluvial piece together a powerful, provocative show of force and it demands your attention. 
En route to their December 7th release of Rat Wars, HEALTH have a been on a tear, debuting a steady succession of singles that showcase their diversity and dynamism as heavy music provocateurs. Their latest "Demigods" underscores the band's ability to create expansive, epic rock that truly translates as cinematic. With no shortage of hard-hitting, intricately intense tunes, "Demigods" offers balance with a entry that allows the band the ability to go big without the cheese.
There are two schools of thought when it comes to taking on a classic cover. One is, going for the hits is an obvious, maybe even safe choice. The other is that adding your own creative touch to such an iconic song is as audacious as it is difficult. Regardless, Palaye Royale show real guys taking on any Smashing Pumpkins song let alone one of their most definitive in "Bullet With Butterfly Wings". Due out on the Divinity soundtrack, the band offer a tip of the hat to Billy Corgan and crew while ensuring their version is stylistically their own. 
Following the release of their single, "Path of Fierce Resistance" earlier this spring, Swedish melodic metal stalwarts The Halo Effect have shared a track that was originally written during the band's Days of the Lost sessions. The anthemic cut comes equipped with skilled fretwork and a fist-pumping cadence that has made the track a staple in the band's current live set. 
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