Mandatory Jams: New Heat for The Week 3/15

Mandatory Jams: New Heat for The Week 3/15

- By Ramon Gonzales

Check the list of fresh new tracks from Windwaker, Erra, Nascar Aloe, Mike's Dead and more.

Another week of promising releases finds us marveling at just how diverse, robust and fucking healthy heavy music is right now. For the latest shortlist of weekly slappers, the range is nothing short of remarkable - from timeless post-hardcore to modern era metalcore, from cinematic post-metal to genre pushing hip-hop/punk, the possibilities seem endless and the fact that this all exists within the universe of heavy music and alternative culture is something to be proud of. 

See this week's selections for Mandatory Jams below. 


Ahead of their appearance at this year's Knotfest Australia festivities, Eemerging Aussie unit Windwaker have asserted their rank on their latest EP, Enter the Wall. Anchoring the release, the latest single in "The Wall" proves a forceful amalgam of weighty guitars, glitchy synth and urgent vocals from Liam Guinane that balance a real urgency packaged into a three-minute banger.



En route to the April 5th arrival of their latest full length, Cure, Erra have previewed the album with a massive slab of heft that flouts the boundaries of metalcore with the clobbering "Crawl Backwards Out of Heaven". Hulking guitars, dramatic percussion and a roar from frontman J.T. Cavey make for a single that emphasizes the band's obvious musical muscle. 




Belgian post-metal powerhouse Amenra has always had a cinematic quality to their presentation. It makes sense that their latest effort is gripping musical accompaniment for the the film Skunk. Directed by Koen Mortier and based on the book by forensic youth psychiatrist Geert Taghon, the film details the emotional experience of a troubled youth growing up in turbulence. Providing a stunning soundtrack for the film and it's compelling narrative, Amenra craft atmospheric excellence that toes a fine line between ethereal and eerie. 




Following the success of their sleeper hit of full length with 2021's Push, the project fronted by Jonah Matranga of FAR is back with a post-hardcore effort that taps into the aggression and aesthetic of the late 90's. With Will Haven drummer MItch Wheeler on the beat, the band's no frills approach combined with their long tenure as veteran songwriters make for aggression properly distilled into a concise, cohesive cut that boasts a classic sound. 




Tapping into the full potential of his metal sensibilities, the latest from Mike's Dead in "War" is the modern iteration of nu-metal. Combining a stylish electronic pulse with aggressive guitars as the base for Mike's caustic vocal assault, the track showcases shades of influence ranging from Coal Chamber to Static-X. Combined with the important theme of meeting the adversity of mental health struggles with perseverance, Mike's latest, is his rallying cry for those battling demons head on.




As if combining gutter punk with Soundcloud era hip hop wasn't unconventional enough, Nascar Aloe continues to keep fans guessing. A stylistic chameleon, the disruptor's latest in "Chum Reap Suor" incorporates his Southeast Asian heritage in the form of instrumentation and bilingual delivery for a track that is fiercely original and still fundamentally Aloe. 





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