Matt Heafy of Trivium Composes Graphic Novel Soundtrack for 'True Believers'

Matt Heafy of Trivium Composes Graphic Novel Soundtrack for 'True Believers'

- By Ramon Gonzales

Heafy has composed 30 minutes of original music that combines his signature riffage with "John Carpenter-esque" synth for the musical accompaniment to the comic book.

Few contributors in the space of heavy culture stay as busy as Matt Heafy of Trivium. Aside from his projects including the previously mentioned Trivium and his black metal incarnation, Ibaraki, as well as his thriving role as producer for bands like Frozen Soul and samurai metal export Ryujin, Heafy has composed original music for everything from video games like Hellslinger to films like Deathgasm 2

Now, the acclaimed multi-talent is working on another passion project, this time showcasing his talents in the world of comic books and graphic novels. Heafy has confirmed he has crafted a collection of original music to serve as the soundtrack for the slasher comic, True Believers.

The series was first introduced last year from Bram Stoker Award-winner Stephen Graham Jones and Denver Post bestselling writer Joshua Viola and also boasts artwork from Ben Matsuya. 

Said to combine Heafy's penchant for colossal riffs along with his exploration of eerie synth, the collection of compositions tallying some 30 minutes of original music will be made available digitally, as a blood-red saw-blade-shaped vinyl, and a throwback cassette tape for the collectors. 

An accompanying press release further explained the depth of the project. "The album’s centerpiece, ‘Too Far Gone,’ showcases Heafy’s signature screams and guitar virtuosity. With a nod to horror cinema, this groundbreaking score offers a unique take on the world of True Believers, solidifying Matthew Kiichi Heafy’s status as a musical pioneer transcending traditional boundaries."

Heafy himself shared the news and conveyed his excitement to be involved both as a fan and a participant. "Ever heard a soundtrack to an incredible slasher comic/ graphic novel?!

Having grown up on comics and graphic novels, when I first was introduced to True Believers and Josh Viola, I was inspired by the crazy idea of scoring the incredible series."

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