New Flesh 1/5: Releases from Cancer Christ, Haywire and Morgue Terror

New Flesh 1/5: Releases from Cancer Christ, Haywire and Morgue Terror

- By Cori Westbrook

The first week of the year sees entries ranging from death metal to punk-tinged grind to Boston hardcore.

From the raw energy of a Boston hardcore debut to the sinister death metal tones of a horror-influenced duo, and the relentless aggression of a hardcore punk ensemble, this year is already shaping up to be a good one. 

For all of our favorite new releases, both singles and albums, be sure to check out the official Knotfest New Flesh playlist.

Cancer Christ – God Is Violence - Grindcore/Punk

Cancer Christ's God Is Violence merges hardcore, crossover, and theatrical elements, marked by a tone of religious satire and politically charged lyrics. The album combines digital thrash with hardcore punk in tracks like "Do You Wanna Go to Heaven," while songs like "God Hates Cops" reflect punk metal influences. The kings of satire, the album is notable for its energetic, subversive style and musical quality, making it a standout addition to modern music.

Get your copy HERE.

Haywire – Conditioned For Demolition - Hardcore


Conditioned For Demolition, the debut album by Boston hardcore band Haywire, released through DAZE, is a fierce and energetic showcase of the band's raw style and deep connection to their Boston roots. Spanning eleven tracks, the album covers themes from personal purpose to city pride, featuring collaborations with notable artists like COA, Chubby and the Gang, and Conservative Military Image. Tracks like "B.H.C.A.D.E.D" and "Poser Disposer" highlight the band's intense and unapologetic approach. The album is authentic and energetic, making a strong impression as Haywire's first major release in the hardcore music scene​. 

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Morgue Terror – Morgue Terror - Death Metal

Morgue Terror's self-titled debut EP offers a distinctive blend of horror-influenced death metal, showcasing the band's raw and aggressive style. Originating from the USA, the duo Dave and Steve bring a sound that is both groovy and thrash-infused, evident in tracks like "Salt the Wound" and "Broken, Beaten, Beheaded." The EP is marked by its engaging death metal riffs and energetic screams. This debut effort stands out for its homage to old school death metal while incorporating modern elements, making it a significant release for fans of the genre despite some issues with the mix​​​​​​.

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Also out this week…

At The Plates – Omnivore (Self)
Dunwich Ritual – The Weird Tapes Sessions (Jawbreaker)
Into The Deep – Blackfin (Self)
Lastworld – Beautiful Ilusion (Perris)
Meridion – Caverns (Iron, Blood And Death)
The Oddeven – Darkness (Eclipse)
Rutile – Virtuous Season (Fiadh)
Svdestada – Candela (Long Legs Long Arms)
Torn In Half/Open Kasket – Prayers Returned With Pain Split EP (Isolated Incidents)

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