New Flesh 3/15: Aborted, Necrophobic, Brat & More!

New Flesh 3/15: Aborted, Necrophobic, Brat & More!

- By Cori Westbrook

Contributor Cori Westbrook surveys the latest in extreme music ranging from death, tech, black, grind and more.

Aborted – Vault Of Horrors - Death Metal

Vault Of Horrors by Aborted is a thrilling ride through the depths of death metal, showcasing the band's mastery of intense riffs and explosive drumming. Each track is a meticulously crafted piece of horror based on iconic characters (if the title wasn’t enough of a giveaway), weaving a tapestry of chilling narratives with technical prowess. It's a must-listen for fans seeking the adrenaline rush of extreme metal at its finest.

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Brat – Social Grace - Grindcore

Social Grace by Brat explodes into the grindcore scene with a dazzling contrast of bright colors and dark, relentless music. The album is a frenetic blend of high-speed riffs, pulverizing drums, and visceral vocals, all packed into short, sharp shocks that hit with the force of a sledgehammer. Amidst the sonic chaos, Brat weaves in moments of surprising melody, proving that even in the darkest music, there can be vibrant flashes of light.

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Kid Kapichi – There Goes The Neighbourhood - Alternative Rock

There Goes The Neighbourhood by Kid Kapichi is a dynamic exploration of indie rock, brimming with raw emotion and catchy melodies. The band's authentic storytelling and energetic performances create a vibrant soundscape that's both relatable and invigorating. This album is a standout gem that showcases the band's unique voice and potential.

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Necrophobic – In The Twilight Grey - Blackened Death Metal

In The Twilight Grey by Necrophobic is a masterful fusion of black and death metal elements, creating an atmosphere that's both haunting and majestic. The album's intricate compositions and dark lyrical themes are executed with precision and passion. It stands as a testament to Necrophobic's enduring influence and creativity in the metal scene.

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Udad – Udad - Black Metal

Udad's self-titled debut emerges as a raw, atmospheric black metal odyssey, where chilling soundscapes meet the ferocity of the genre's roots. The album masterfully balances grim, lo-fi production with moments of haunting beauty, encapsulating the cold and desolate essence of nature. Udad invites listeners into a realm of shadow and frost, offering an immersive experience that is both harrowing and deeply moving, marking a bold entrance into the atmospheric black metal scene.

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Wounds – Ruin - Technical Death Metal

Ruin by Wounds is a brutal and unrelenting assault on the senses, cementing the band's place in the extreme metal landscape. The album's ferocious energy and technical skill are matched by its dark, apocalyptic themes, creating a visceral listening experience. For those who crave intensity and innovation in their metal, Ruin is an unforgettable journey into the heart of darkness.

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Also out this week…

Aardvark – Tough Love (Dying Victims)

After Infinity – After Infinity (Mauste)

Almo – Reconciliation (Self)

Ancient Remains – Burn It All EP (Self)

Anger – Refutation Of All Heresies EP (Self)

Armagh – Exclamation Point (Dying Victims)

Ash Eater – Breathe The Smoke (Self)

Atrophy – Asylum (Massacre)

Backstabber – Patterns Of Domination EP (Self)

Blastomycosis – A Feast For The Tasteless (CDN)

Bongzilla – Dabbing (LIVE) Rosin In Europe (Heavy Psych Sounds)

By The Thousands – The Descent EP (Self)

Cloven – Chance Encounter Of Flesh And Nail (Self)

Comeback Kid – Trouble EP (SharpTone)

Compress – The Final Level Of Consciousness EP (Eternal Death)

Corpus Diavolis – Elixtria Ekstasis (LADLO)

Coventhrall – Legacy Of Morfuidra (Inverse)

Crystal Horizon – Crystal Horizon EP (Self)

Daemoniac – Visions Of The Nightside (Xtreem)

Defect Designer – Chitin (Transcending Obscurity)

Dionysiaque – Diogonos (I, Voidhanger)

DragonForce – Warp Speed Warriors (Napalm)

The Dread Crew Of Oddwood – Rust & Flory (Self)

Eternal Autumn – Below The Lightless Heavens (Self)

Full Earth – Cloud Sculptors (Stickman)

Gouge Away – Deep Sage (Deathwish)

Grieving – Everything Goes Right, All At Once (By The Time It Gets Dark)

Hadit – Metaphysical Engines Approaching The Event Horizon (I, Voidhanger)

Hellgrimm – Sacrifice (Self)

Helsinki Horizon – Sirens (Luminol)

Idiot Robot – Anti Pop Culture (Self)

Ironbound – Serpent’s Kiss (Ossuary)

Iterum Nata – From The Infinite Light (Nordvis)

Jordsjuk – Råtner På Rot EP (Indie)

Kilter, Andromeda Anarchia, Growlers Choir and Seven)Suns – La Suspendia (Silent Pendulum)

Kult Ikon – Black Iron Prison (Self)

Leather Lung – Graveside Grin (Magnetic Eye)

Lionheart – The Grace Of A Dragonfly (Metalville)

Lords Of Black – Mechanics Of Predacity (Frontiers)

Lpiz – Changing The Melody (Frontiers)

Lucifer Was – En Fix Ferdig Mann (Apollon)

Lustmord – Much Unseen Is Also Here (Pelagic)

Lutharo – Chasing Euphoria (Atomic Fire)

Malsten – The Haunting of Silvåkra Mill – Rites of Passage (Svart)

Miehala – Sons Of Alaheim EP (Inverse)

Mike Tramp – Mand Af En Tid (Target)

The Moor – Ombra (Inertia)

Nastergal – The Untold War (Wormholedeath)

Neid – Still Offensive EP (Time To Kill)

Night Verses – Every Sound Has A Color In The Valley Of Night: Part 2 (Equal Vision)

Nik Laidlaw – Rising (Self)

Nonexister – Demons (Self)

Ohpen Arms – Lying Beside You (Self)

Ornamentos Del Miedo – Escapando a Traves de la Tierra (Meuse)

O Zorn! – Vermillion Haze (Hard Drugs/Seeing Red)

Per Wiberg – The Serpent’s Here (Despotz)

Prisoner – Putrid | Obsolete (Persistent Vision)

The Progressive Souls Collective – Sonic Rebirth (Metalville)

Reaper’s Scythe – Shielded. Abandoned. Rearranged. (Self)

Rifforia – Axeorcism (Metalville)

Scott Stapp – Higher Power (Napalm)

Shadowpath – The Aeon Discordance (Self)

Shock Withdrawal – The Dismal Advance (Brutal Panda)

Silver Mountain – Shakin’ Brains Re-Release (Regain)

Silver Mountain – Universe Re-Release (Regain)

Simulakra – Reincarnation EP (Daze)

Sol Anahata – Syncretic Sovereignty (Self)

Spoken – Reflection (XOVR)

Stress Angel – Punished By Nemesis (Dying Victims/Stygian Black Hand)

Suffersystem – Disintegration Of The Individual (Black Blood)

Surgical Strike – 24/7 Hate (Metalville)

Svoid – Neptunian (Sun & Moon)

Sweat – Love Child (Vitriol)

Thomas Greenwood and The Talismans – Ates (Subsound)

Three Dead Fingers – 9 Apes (Self)

Throne Of Exile – The Endless Sky (Shattered Earth)

Transport Aerian – Live In Ghent (Melodic Revolution)

Vltimas – Epic (Season Of Mist)

Wasted Death – Season Of Evil (APF)

Weston Super Maim – See You Tomorrow Baby (Self)

Whom Gods Destroy – Insanium (InsideOut)

Winterborn – Break Another Day (RFL)

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