New Flesh: Releases From P.O.D., Daath, Terminal Nation and More!

New Flesh: Releases From P.O.D., Daath, Terminal Nation and More!

- By Cori Westbrook

Columnist Cori Westbrook returns with the rundown of the latest releases worth adding to your regular rotation.

Immerse yourself in a diverse palette of musical landscapes as we explore some of the most intriguing recent releases across a variety of genres. From the enthralling depths of black metal  to the vibrant energy of nu metal, our lineup promises a rich auditory journey.  

For all of our favorite new releases, both singles and albums, be sure to check out the official Knotfest New Flesh playlist!

Agriculture – Living Is Easy/The Circle Chant - Ecstatic Black Metal

Agriculture redefines black metal with Living Is Easy/The Circle Chant. The album blends ferocious guitar work with mystic chants, creating an entrancing soundscape that captivates from the first note. It's a bold, experimental foray that delights those seeking depth and innovation in their music.

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Dååth – The Deceivers - Extreme Progressive Metal

Dååth reaches new heights with The Deceivers, an album that showcases their command of extreme and progressive metal elements. Each track is a labyrinth of complex rhythms and searing melodies, offering a rich auditory experience. The technical skill and compositional daring make it a standout in the metal community.

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Death Lens – Cold World - Garage Rock/Grunge

Cold World by Death Lens captures the raw spirit of garage rock with its gritty production and pulsating energy. The album features catchy riffs and an authentic punk attitude that's both nostalgic and refreshing. It’s an earnest homage to the garage rock scene, packed with tracks that demand to be played loud.

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Ghost On Mars – Out Of Time And Space - Progressive Metal

Progressive metal finds a distinct voice with Ghost On Mars in Out Of Time And Space. The album mixes complex song structures with ethereal lyrics, creating a vast, immersive listening experience. It's a musical journey through cosmic themes and sonic experimentation that both challenges and entertains.

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P.O.D. – Veritas - Nu Metal

With Veritas, P.O.D. dives deep into the essence of nu metal, blending aggressive riffs with introspective lyrics. The album strikes a balance between raw energy and thoughtful exploration of challenging themes. It's a rejuvenated return to form that resonates with both old fans and new listeners.

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Terminal Nation – Echoes Of The Devil’s Den - Death Metal

Echoes Of The Devil’s Den by Terminal Nation is a powerhouse of death metal and hardcore fusion. The album is relentless in its delivery, featuring crushing riffs and an unyielding vocal assault. It’s a socio-politically charged beast that leaves a lasting impact, making it essential for fans of intense, message-driven music.

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Unearthly Rites – Ecdysis - Death Metal

Unearthly Rites impresses with Ecdysis, blending traditional death metal with innovative sound textures. The album's thematic richness is matched by its musical intensity, offering listeners a visceral experience. With its compelling narrative and expert execution, Ecdysis stands as a significant contribution to the death metal genre.

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Also out this week…

Ancst – Culture Of Brutality (Lifeforce)
Aoryst – Relics Of Time (MDD)
As The Sun Falls – Kaamos (Theogonia)
Ba’al – Soft Eyes EP (Ripcord)
Baxaxaxa – Spells From The Crypt (Dusktone)
Ben Blutzukker – Build Your Idols (Self)
Bismarck – Vourukasha (Dark Essence)
Black Pyramid – The Paths Of Time Are Vast (Totem Cat)
Botched Pneumonectomy – Promo 2024 EP (Self)
Brume – Marten (Magnetic Eye)
Chunked – Inhaling The Infestation EP (Gore House)
Contention – Artillery From Heaven (Daze)
Crawl – Altar Of Disgust (Transcending Obscurity)
Crohm – King Of Nothing (Self)
Cyclocosmia – …And We Will Move The Stars (Self)
Darius – Murmuration (Humus)
Dauþuz – Uranium (Amor Fati)
Deadaudiosaints – To Whom It May Concern… EP (Self)
Dead Flesh – Dehumanise EP (Self)
Deliria – Phantasm (Self)
Demande A La Poussiere – Kintsugi (My Kingdom)
Djiin – Mirrors (Klonosphere)
Doubtsower – Nothing Reduced To Everything (Self)
Fast Blood – Sunny Blunts (Scene Report)
Fessus – Pilgrims Of Morbidity (Darkness Shall Rise)
Feuerschwanz – Warriors (Napalm)
Fire At The Plantation House – Southampton Insurrection (Self)
From Dying Suns – Calamity (Self)
Futuro Primitivo – Declive (Cruzade)
Germ Bomb – Monochrome Nightmare (Doomentia)
Gothminister – Pandemonium II – Battle Of The Underworlds (AFM)
Hasslig – Apex Predator (Sentient Ruin)
Heavyhex – True To You (Bridge Nine)
Hi/Jack – Everything You Know Is Yesterday (Blue Collar)
Hollow Leg – Dust EP (Self)
Horn – Daudswiark (Northern Silence)
Human Infection – Gravesight (HPGD)
Isopin – Aftermath Chronicles (Sliptrick)
Keith Wallen – Infinity Now (Rise)
Kratti – Matka Kohti Kosmista (Signal Rex)
The Last Element – Act I: Find Me In The Shadows (Drakkar)
Mob Rules – Celebration Day – 30 Years Of Mob Rules (Steamhammer/SPV)
Moisson Livide – Sent Emperi Gascon (Antiq)
Mons Veneris – Ascent Into Draconian Abyss (Signal Rex)
Mooch – Visions (Black Throne)
MoonKill – MoonKill (Self)
My Silent Wake – Lost In Memories, Lost In Grief (Ardua)
Nate Silva – The Chase (Self)
Natthammer – The Hammer Of The Witch (Black Legion)
Naxen – Descending Into A Deeper Darkness (Vendetta)
Necropanther – Oblivion Jones: A Tale Of False Consciousness EP (Self)
Nihilo Machina – The Black River (Self)
Nokturnal – Shades Of Night (Pulverised)
North – We Are, We Remain… EP (Pagan)
Notsm – Only Death Brings Silence (Self)
Nyrak – Devourer Of All (Phoenix Mortis)
Olamot – Path Of Divinity (Lethal Scissor)
Óðkraptr – Óðkraptr (Signal Rex)
Ossilegium – The Gods Below (Personal)
Pirate Queen – Pirate Queen (Despotz)
Return To Dust – Return To Dust (Jim Kaufman)
Seigman – Resonans (Indie)
Severed Angel – Skyward (Self)
Shadowcloak – Shadowcloak EP (Self)
Sons Of Thunder – Thunderhood (Time To Kill)
Sooma – Dru (Gluttony)
Speed Limit – New Horizon EP (NRT)
StarGazer – Bound By Spells EP (Personal)
State Of Non Return – White Ink (Trepnation)
Stoned Space – I (Self)
Sunwise – Crime Gardens (Half Empty)
Ten Ton Slug – Colossal Oppressor (Self)
Thin Ice – A Matter Of Time (Farewell)
Transonic Silence – Psychobulb (Argonauta)
Turbo Moses – Desert Frost (The Crawling Chaos)
Unleashed – Before The Creation Of Time (Darkness Shall Rise)
Urzah – The Scorching Gaze (APF)
Vesseles – I Am A Demon EP (Self)
Violet Eternal – Reload The Violet (Rockshots)
The Watchers – Nyctophilia (Ripple)
Wheel – Charismatic Leaders (InsideOut)
Wolves Don’t Sleep – Fears & Fractures EP (Self)
Zolle – Rosa (Subsound)

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