Samurai Metal Upstarts RYUJIN Unveil New Single with Trivium's Matthew Kiichi Heafy

Samurai Metal Upstarts RYUJIN Unveil New Single with Trivium's Matthew Kiichi Heafy

- By Cori Westbrook

"The Rainbow Song" previews the band's forthcoming self-titled full length due out next year via Napalm Records. 

The samurai metal outfit RYUJIN has taken the global metal scene by storm with their latest single, "The Rainbow Song", ahead of their self-titled album release scheduled for January 12, 2024. The band is making waves under the auspices of Napalm Records, promising a unique fusion of heavy metal with traditional Japanese music.

The band's evolution since its formation in 2011 is marked by their new album, which boasts of high-speed riffs and breakneck guitar work, masterfully interwoven with Japanese elements. The influence of ancient orchestral Gagaku and contemporary anime themes is evident in their sound, creating a rich tapestry that sets them apart in the metal genre.

"The Rainbow Song" comes as a follow-up to their well-received single “Raijin & Fujin”. The newest addition to their repertoire features Matthew Kiichi Heafy of Trivium not just in a production capacity but also as a featured guest. Their latest music video captures the natural beauty of Hokkaido and Ainu tribal attire, adding a visual celebration of RYUJIN's cultural heritage.

RYUJIN's frontman, Ryoji Shinomoto, expressed his enthusiasm about  their latest work stating: "We are very proud of this song. The song is a fusion of Japanese 90s anime songs and power metal. We all absolutely love it! The video features nature footage of my hometown, Hokkaido, and Ainu tribal costumes, as I am very proud of the beautiful nature we have here. Matt arranged the lyrics, which were originally written about trout, and he also sings the chorus with me! Also, it's the first song without growls and you can also hear my first high tone shout before my solo!“

Matthew Kiichi Heafy shared his admiration for RYUJIN, "RYUJIN is a band who will take over the world. 'The Rainbow Song' is a track that I believe will bridge the gap, taking a whole new slew of fans to become RYUJIN-devotees. You’ll find yourself singing along by the first listen."

The upcoming album, which was produced by Heafy and features his vocals on several tracks, is a showcase of RYUJIN's musical identity. With traditional Japanese instruments such as the Shamisen and Taiko drums, alongside the electric shredding of Ryoji Shinomoto, the album promises to be an eclectic mix of sound and culture.

The tracklist of 'RYUJIN' reads like a narrative arc, with songs like “Dragon, Fly Free” and “Kunnecup” inviting listeners into a world of adventure and positivity. As the album progresses, it ventures into darker themes with “Gekirin” before culminating in powerful Japanese-language tracks and a bonus English version of “Saigo No Hoshi”, also featuring Heafy.

RYUJIN is setting the stage to not just release an album but to offer an auditory journey that intertwines fantasy, adventure, and technical mastery in an exotic sonic experience. 

RYUJIN is out January 12, 2024 via Napalm Records! Pre-orders are available HERE.


RYUJIN track listing:

  1. Hajimari
  2. Gekokujo
  3. Dragon, Fly Free
  4. Raijin & Fujin
  5. The Rainbow Song
  6. Kunnecup
  7. Scream of the Dragon
  8. Gekirin
  9. Saigo No Hoshi
  10. Ryujin
  11. Guren No Yumiya
  12. Saigo No Hoshi (feat. Matthew K. Heafy) (Single Edit)

Catch RYUJIN on tour with PAIN in Europe now! See below for all remaining tour dates:

PAIN w/ RYUJIN in Europe:

31.10.2023: Sofia, BG - Hristo Botev Hall
01.11.2023: Budapest, HU - Dürer Kert
02.11.2023: Krakow, PL - Kamienna12
03.11.2023: Vienna, AT - Simm City
04.11.2023: Munich, DE - Backstage
05.11.2023: Zlin, CZ - Masters of Rock Cafe
07.11.2023: Nuremberg, DE - Hirsch
08.11.2023: Frankfurt, DE - Batschkapp
09.11.2023: Leipzig, DE - Hellraiser
10.11.2023: Hamburg, DE - Gruenspan
11.11.2023: Berlin, DE - Columbia Theater
12.11.2023: Stuttgart, DE - Im Wizemann

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