The Barbarians of California Offers Testament to Aaron Bruno of Awolnation's Hardcore Roots

The Barbarians of California Offers Testament to Aaron Bruno of Awolnation's Hardcore Roots

- By Ramon Gonzales

Stream the second single from the collective. "Far Out, Bro" which features Daryl Taberski of Snapcase.

Earlier this year, the tandem of Aaron Bruno of AWOLNATION and Eric Stenman, the accomplished producer and guitarist of cult-championed Sacto outfit Tinfed - introduced their joint passion project that flexed their shared hardcore pedigree with The Barbarians of California.

Debuting the project with charged entries like "Dopamine Prophecy" and the raucous rallying cry of "Where Are the Punks!?!", the combination of Stenman's musicianship and Bruno's wholly convincing delivery further emphasized just the hardcore lineage that has always been core to the band's collective and individual DNA. 


Now, the Barbarians have shared yet another compelling show of force, this time enlisting Daryl Taberski of Snapcase for the barrage packaged in, "Far Out, Bro". The quickfire cadence of the track, paired with aggressive guitars and the sharp vocal sass of Bruno makes for a single that is impossible to ignore.

"This was a fun piece of music to chase down," says Eric Stenman. "Aaron [Bruno] challenged the band to come up with our fastest song yet. We're really proud of the way the riffs swarm around some of Aaron's most sarcastic, cutting vocals.  We were always hoping to have Daryl(Taberski from Snapcase on a song, and he immediately took this one. Both Aaron and I have vivid memories of listening to Snapcase back in the '90s and his presence really helps to drive this project home."

As for the origins of the project, the Barbarians was the result of Stenman compiling a collection of compositions that tapped into his foundation of 90's metallic hardcore. As a longtime collaborator, Bruno saw the opportunity to work with a kindred creative spirit, while offering testament to his own education of metallic hardcore. Combining history, chemistry and experience, The barbarians of California look to be the kind of passion project that has the legs to go the distance. 

More is expected from the band soon. You've been warned. 


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