The Hope Conspiracy Predicts the Fall with "The West Is Dead"

The Hope Conspiracy Predicts the Fall with "The West Is Dead"

- By Ramon Gonzales

The hostile track previews the Kurt Ballou-produced Tools of Oppression / Rule by Deception which lands May 31st via Deathwish Inc.

Earlier this year Massachusetts hardcore heroes The Hope Conspiracy confirmed their full length return with the confirmation of the first studio album since 2006 with Tools of Oppression / Rule by Deception.

Introducing the effort with the opening track, "Those Who Gave Us Yesterday" The Hope Conspiracy reasserted their confrontational signature with an intense return to form on a track that framed the divisive, destructive climate of our current culture - pulling no punches ideologically or instrumentally. 

Now, the band have doubled down with the latest reveal from from the pending May 31st release. Flexing the uncompromising heft of "The West Is Dead", the hostile three-minute assault again takes aim at a concerning current state of affairs and the self-serving decision makers that prioritize their interests above all else. 



Vocalist Kevin Baker breaks down the hostility that fuels the track and offers an ominous prediction that has played out in history many times before. "Politicians in the west, whether they are on the left or right, all eat from the same pig trough. Corporations own every single one of them. The working people were sold down the river decades ago. The professional liars are not concerned with fair wages, human rights, affordable healthcare or the poison in our air, water and food.

Both sides play on everyone's sensitivities to keep us hating one another while they take lucrative donations and marching orders from rent seeking billionaires. The tent cities and rampant homelessness would go away tomorrow if they really wanted it to be so. The system is designed to crush the common people. If you don't feel it now you will. If you don't see it now you will. It's the approaching storm on the horizon and there is no escaping it. The west is dead and our end is near."

The Kurt Ballou-produced Tools of Oppression / Rule by Deception arrives May 31st via Deathwish Inc. The album is available for pre-order - HERE. See a current list of tour dates for The Hope Conspiracy below. 


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