Go Ahead and Die Strengthen the Cavalera Legacy With the Unhealthy Mechanisms Tour

Go Ahead and Die Strengthen the Cavalera Legacy With the Unhealthy Mechanisms Tour

- By Ramon Gonzales

See images from the band's ongoing tour that finds metal's pillar Max Cavalera passing the torch to son Igor Amadeus in real time.

The family Cavalera in youngest son Igor Amadeus and metal's legendary father figure Max are hitting their stride in the thick of a sprawling tour of 55 nearly consecutive live dates. 

Trekking in support of their sophomore full length presentation, Unhealthy Mechanisms, the run frames the legacy of the Cavalera name in real time, allowing Igor Amadeus to take the lead, while Max assumes the role of reinforcement providing a bounty of signature, aggressive riffs. 

The band's second studio effort is pummeling meld of time-tested death metal, confrontational punk and devastating d-beat - the kind of volatile mix best suited for the live set. On the Healthy Mechanisms Tour, Igor Amadeus further asserts his adeptness in crafting aggressive, dynamic entries - heavy tracks that resonate as sincerely pissed as much as powerful. 

Cuts like the opener "Desert Carnage", the furious "M.D.A. (Most Dangerous Animal) and "Blast Zone" offer hulking slabs of sonic fury - emphasizing the classic Cavalera pedigree with timeless heft and modern era aggression. Closing the show with the scathing "Drug-O-Cop", fans got to watch the legacy of metal's most proven family materialize in real time, as father and son traded vocal roars into the microphone while unleashing their tandem attack of guitars. 

Emphasizing the generational scope of heavy music and the continued contribution of the Cavalera name, Go Ahead and Die showcases a reverence for the history of heavy music while powerfully moving the culture forward. The tour offers a powerful testament to the bond that galvanizes one of metal's most respected families, while ushering in a new era of the Cavalera lineage in the arrival of Igor Amadeus. 

See the images from the band's McHenry, IL stop courtesy of photographer Justin Nuoffer below. A remaining list of dates on the Unhealthy Mechanisms Tour can be found following the gallery. 


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