Lorna Shore Deliver an Insanely Heavy Showcase on Leg 2 of the Pain Remains Tour

Lorna Shore Deliver an Insanely Heavy Showcase on Leg 2 of the Pain Remains Tour

- By Nicolás Delgadillo

The legendary deathcore lineup includes Boundaries, Bodysnatcher, Brand of Sacrifice and Shadow of Intent.

It's evident that heavy music in the midst of a resurgence. That same rise in popularity and notoriety is also definitely being felt across the more usually underground and extreme branches of music. In that regard, Lorna Shore has surely become the face of the deathcore genre thanks to the tremendous successes of their latest EP …And I Return to Nothingness and their full-length album Pain Remains.

They are to deathcore what Turnstile is to hardcore, bringing their respective genres to the mainstream and acting as gateway bands for an entire generation. Consider how Lorna Shore have been tapped to join metal legends Gojira and Mastodon on tour in the same way Turnstile is set to open for punk icons Blink-182.

It definitely helps that both bands are able to walk the walk when it comes to their live shows. I saw Lorna Shore for the first time last October in Charlotte, North Carolina, the fifth stop of twenty-six on their entirely sold out U.S. headlining tour in support of Pain Remains. Just like then, the line to get inside this year’s show just a couple of hours away in Greensboro was huge, snaking around the parking lot in a chaotic fashion and then out around the venue. And once again, the entire place was nearly filled with people even before the first of five bands went on stage.

Over 2,300 people were spending their Saturday night at Piedmont Hall with some heavy ass music, and the ongoing Pain Remains tour was set to deliver. The second U.S. leg kicked off only two days prior up in Albany, New York and features another astounding lineup - the hard hitting Boundaries and deathcore legends Shadow of Intent, both from Connecticut, as well as Florida deathcore act Bodysnatcher and the one and only Brand of Sacrifice from Toronto. With Lorna Shore topping off the evening rocking a brand new setlist, it’s a wonder that anyone survived the four-hour sonic assault.

The pit was rowdy, the bands shredded, and security was given an extreme workout as an endless barrage of crowd surfers rained down on them throughout the entire night. Most kids there (and there were a lot of kids) were experiencing their very first metal concert if not their first concert ever. That first-time excitement could be felt throughout the building. People coming over the barricade were constantly whooping with excitement or letting out a simple “Fuck yeah!” as they ran back into the crowd for another round. One guy even got a fist bump from Will Ramos as he sailed over the front.

Lorna Shore at Piedmont Hall in Greensboro, NC

“You guys are fucking great, wow!” Ramos told the crowd during the middle of Lorna Shore’s set. The relatively new, but already formative frontman for the band had just hopped down into the crowd to scream and growl directly into their sweaty faces. Naturally, the bloodthirsty fans screamed the words right back. “Thank you all for sticking with us this long. I know it’s hot out there, I just felt it!” Ramos laughed. The stamina from everyone in the audience was impressive indeed considering the numerous circle pits and walls of death that the previous bands had put them all through. Viciously fast drums, soul-crushingly heavy bass and blistering guitar solos were in abundant supply.

“We wrote this shit in a very dark fucking place.” Ramos shared about the making of Pain Remains. “I’m gonna tell you right now, it’s absolutely amazing to see how it’s connected with all of you. The scene is fucking growing and it’s all because of you, so keep that shit up because we love to see it over here. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you all so fucking much.” That indescribable emotional connection that Lorna Shore continues to share with their ever-growing fanbase, combined with their fantastically filthy music, will undoubtedly carry them on to many more sold-out tours for years to come.

Lorna Shore are currently on Leg 2 of the Pain Remains Tour across the U.S. with Boundaries, Bodysnatcher, Brand of Sacrifice & Shadow of Intent. Check out the full list of tour dates below and get tickets HERE.

4/5 – St. Petersburg, FL - Janus Live
4/6 – Destin, FL - Club LA
4/7 – New Orleans, LA - House Of Blues
4/8 – Little Rock, AR - The Hall
4/10 – Grand Rapids, MI - The Intersection
4/11 – Evansville, IN - Evansville Coliseum
4/12 – Cedar Rapids, IA - Club 5 @ Alliant Energy PowerHouse
4/14 – Billings, MT - Pub Station
4/15 – Spokane, WA - Knitting Factory
4/16 – Seattle, WA - Showbox SODO

Check out the photo gallery by Nicolás Delgadillo of the Greensboro show below.









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