Run The Jewels Mark A Decade of Domination With A Proper Los Angeles Finale

Run The Jewels Mark A Decade of Domination With A Proper Los Angeles Finale

- By Ramon Gonzales

See the gallery of images captured by Steve Rose during the duo's final set of their 10th anniversary tour.

A fitting finale for the dynamic duo of Killer Mike and El-P, the tandem began their last 10th anniversary set at the Hollywood Palladium, with a rendition of Queen's "We Are the Champions" with none other than Jack Black offering a guest assist.
An A-list level of spectacle, Run the Jewels ensured they took full advantage of their time in the winner's circle during their 4-night engagement at the iconic Los Angeles venue. Marking a decade of domination, Run the Jewels completed a four city stint that would see four consecutive nights in each stand - with one of four albums from the duo's catalog performed in full - with additional essentials included for good measure. 
The Los Angeles finale featured a brilliant showing of special guests throughout the four night stretch - contributors that gave credence to Run the Jewels' ability to dismantle genre divides and transcend category. The likes of Zach De La Rocha of Rage Against the Machine, DJ Shadow and Danny Brown were among those that aided in the celebration - reiterating just how far the duo has come since their 2013 arrival. 
Showcasing the fourth and most recent full length in their catalog, Run the Jewels scrambled the tracklist of RTJ4 for added effect - opening with a trifecta that included the Rat-Tat-Tat of "Yankee and the Brave" the verbal gymnastics of "Ohh La La" and the infectious energy of the Foster Sylvers' sampled "Out of Sight".  
The album set reiterated the gold standard of songwriting that has become synonymous with Run The Jewels. Essentials like the Mavis Staples-aided "pulling the pin" and the poignant "a few words for the firing squad" spoke to the substance at the foundation of the duo - drawing a hush over the capacity crowd and commanding their utmost attention.
In contrast, entries like "Holy Calamafuck" and "Walking In the Snow" resonate as brazen showcases of stylistic bravado - dripping with the kind of swagger that clearly asserts, "it ain't talking shit, if you can back it up". 
Taking an extended victory lap, RTJ would close out with a beefed up encore that covered a condensed selection of mandatory tracks spanning their four album discography. From "Oh My Darling Don't Cry" to "Legend Has It" to Blockbuster Night Part 1" and "Close Your Eyes and Count to Fuck" each track ratcheted up the electricity in the room - sending fans into hysterics as each track began.  
Punctuating their time with the eponymous title track from their debut album - a track that in hindsight would begin a movement - Run the Jewels walked off the stage triumphant, ready to embark on their next decade of domination. 
Check the gallery of images from captured by Steve Rose/Live Nation below. 
Steve Rose/Live Nation
Steve Rose/Live NationSteve Rose/Live Nation
Steve Rose/Live NationSteve Rose/Live NationSteve Rose/Live NationSteve Rose/Live Nation
Steve Rose/Live Nation
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