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The Epitome of DIY: Code Orange Show Out In Steel City for Code's World

- By Ramon Gonzales

See the gallery of images from the hometown celebration for hardcore's undisputed champs that marked the arrival of their latest full length, The Above and officially ushered in the next era for Code O.

If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. 

Strange how conventional wisdom works for such an unconventional band, yet such is the M.O. for Pittsburgh's pride, Code Orange. 

On the heels of delivering their fifth masterclass, The Above, the band sought out to properly christen the occasion with the kind of spectacle indicative of such a creative accomplishment. 

Aligning with the ambition that best characterizes the 14-track opus - an album that dares to confront the boundaries of hardcore with a swath of stylistic accents ranging from industrial, electronic and trip hop - Code Orange thought bigger than the typical album release show.

What the band ended up constructing was their own festival. 

The entirely DIY-driven effort positioned Code Orange as not only the headliners, but the organizers, promoters and logistics team tending to each detail of the production. This, in addition to the weeks worth of preparation for the actual sow production, handling the immersive visuals and the overall aesthetic for the show. 

What's equally as impressive as the collective bandwidth to take on such a task is Code's zeal in sharing their spotlight with the greater culture of heavy music, speaking to their school of hardcore. Curating the entirety of the supporting line-up, Code Orange pooled OGs like Madball and E. Town Concrete with fresh blood like Vein.FM and Gridiron covering a broad spectrum that spans style and generation. 

Code's World resulted in completely sold out celebration - corralling a congregation of believers that epitomize hardcore's current era of diversity, versatility and inclusivity. From death metal (200 Stab Wounds) to metalcore (WristMeetRazor) to early deathcore (Hazing Over), the festival was as dynamic as the band billed at the top. 

A hometown album release show should be should function as a victory lap. For Code Orange however, self-aggrandizing has never been their thing. Embracing the ideology of a rising tide lifts all boats, Code Orange leveraged the release of what is arguably their most daring record to date, and created the foundation for an enduring, potentially annual event that not only puts on for Pittsburgh, but rides hard for heavy music as a whole. 

If their high art approach to heavy music wasn't convincing enough, their DIY approach to everything, including putting on their own festival should make it clear. Code Orange isn't just a great band, they are vital for the culture.

See the gallery of images from @Ras_Visual below. 





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