Heavy Essentials with Dino Cazares

Heavy Essentials with Dino Cazares

- By Stephen Reeder

As the the founding guitarist of the wildly innovative Fear Factory, Dino Cazares has been influencing musicians since the late 80's.

A few musicians have left the kind of impact that guitarist Dino Cazares has. From his formative work with Fear Factory to sinister shredding with bands like Brujeria, Asesino,a dn Divine Heresy, his signature guitar sound and his distinct style of play have earned him a cult-like following among generations of musicians that all cite his work as an inspiration. Cazares has established a legacy with a catalog of important contributions to heavy music.

As for his influences, they remain as dynamic as his style. Ranging from classic heavy metal to modern core, from industrial to thrash, Dino has a assembled a curated playlist of tracks that he considers essential.

Take notes.

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