KNOTFEST Playlist Adds 2.12.21

KNOTFEST Playlist Adds 2.12.21

- By Chris Hudson

Architects, While She Sleeps, Of Mice & Men, Butcher Babies, Our Hollow, Our Home & Lacey Sturm headline a massive week that also sees new releases from Crossfaith, Greta Van Fleet, The Pretty Reckless and more

This week's Tribe Leaders (Top 50 tracks) playlist adds are hammed home with the newest from Architects, While She Sleeps, Of Mice & Men, Butcher Babies, Our Hollow, Our Home & Lacey Sturm.

Architects' latest, "Meteor" continues a massive trend of fiercely popular tracks featuring "Dead Butterflies" "Black Lungs" and "Animals". Two of the three currently sit in the Top 5. 'For Those That Wish to Exist' drops Feb 26th.

Honestly don't know how Josh Middleton has been able to pull everything off. He plays guitars, backup vocals, production AND produced the record (alongside Dan Searle). His other band, Sylosis, released a track "Worship Decay" back in December which is still in the Top 50. AND he wrote and performed all the original music for this weekend's Bloodsport 4, the extreme wrestling competition from the Warmaster himself, Josh Barnett.

Check out Architect's Sam Carter earlier on the Downbeat with Craig Reynolds.

While She Sleeps dropped their second single "You Are All You Need" while also announcing the tracklist for their upcoming album, 'The Sleeps Society' coming April 16th. The album features the already proven powerhouse single "SLEEPS SOCIETY" which still finds itself in the top 10.

Of Mice & Men also double dips into the playlist with their newest "Timeless" joining "Obsolete" which also still sits in the top 10 hard rock tracks. Timeless pulls dual roles acting as the album title as well, which drops Feb 26th.

Butcher Babies' "Yorktown" rips the wall down exposing an intense industrial arena chanting throwdown oozing with attitude. A fucking banger. The track, the third from the somewhat secretive 4th full-length, joins previous releases "Bottom of a Bottle" and "Sleeping with the Enemy" in teasing what's to come.

Our Hollow, Our Home gets an assist from Crystal Lake's Ryo Kinoshita (recently guested on Spiritbox's re-release of their smash hit "Holy Roller") on "Remember Me" the band's pulsating treat that comes filled with a blasting charismatic chorus. Their late 2020 release "Burn in the Flood" hit the playlist earlier in the year.

"State of Me" continues the return of former Flyleaf singer Lacey Sturm as she drops her second single building towards an anticipated second solo album. Last year's "The Decree" served as the kick-off for the campaign. She'll open Brian "Head" Welch fronted Love & Death's album release livestream later today.

Still in the pole position of the playlist for another week is Bring Me the Horizon's collab with Babymetal, a double dose of System of a Down, Lamb of God's newest, "Ghost Shaped People" from their upcoming deluxe edition, and last week's releases featuring Cannibal Corpse, Scarlxrd, ERRA, Every Time I Die, Tetrarch, and more.

Stream the full Tribe Leaders Playlist

This week's Pulse of the Maggots playlists sees adds from some of the exciting new artists in the genre.

Zonezero's "Grey" gets the KNOTFEST Premiere treatment today. The band's latest offering in the standalone single not only supports their creative campaign of nü-era metal, but serves well in detailing the emotion and work ethic invested in their craft.

Patient Sixty Seven's collab with Outline in Color that was teased back in Oct of 2020, finally sets fire on "Antisocial"

For Your Health's firecracker "Save You're Breath, You're Going to Need It" premiered earlier on The track highlights an intense and rapid fire album, 'In Spite Of' which releases today.

Napalm Records' latest act, Sumo Cyco kicks off their major label career with the fierce brat-metal hammer, "Bystander". The track is the first taste of their upcoming album 'Initiation' dropping May 7th.

Australia's Deficit continues to impress, this time on "Trigger" a devastating dagger that shines a bright light on the talent this band showcases track after track. Denmark's Cabal latest, "Innocent Blood" featuring Jason Evans of Ingested, is a heightened damaging hurl of brutality.

A KNOTFEST playlist favorite, Fallstar celebrates the release of their first album in six years with "Cloud Chamber" added to the Pulse playlist. 'Sunbreather' features a handful of tracks that have been featured on Pulse, most notably "King Lazer".

Hyper meets Wargasm for an industrial hell raised firestorm on "Spoiler-Recoil". Teenage Wrist's "Wasting Time" joins the playlist while marking the drop of their second album 'Earth is a Black Hole' today.

All those plus Germany's Maelfoy and Italy's Outmayr join VCTMS, dEMOTIONAL, Signs of the Swarm, Brand of Sacrifice, Nervosa, Kamiyada +, Gatecreeper and more already on the playlist.

Listen to the full Pulse of the Maggots Playlist

Crossfaith is back with their first track since last year's EP 'Species', in "Dead or Alive" which continues one of Japan's hardest's streak of bringing explosive energy to every breath of their music.

Greta Van Fleet continues to pay stunning homage to the past life in "Heart Above", a moving almost six minute epic. This combined with their previous two singles, the hauntingly beautiful rocker "Age of Machine" and "My Way, Soon", are raising the bar to sky-high expectations of their second album 'The Battle At Garden's Gate'.

The Pretty Reckless' anticipated 4th studio album, 'Death by Rock and Roll', drops today spotlighted by hits "And So It Went" featuring Tom Morello and the album title track, "Death by Rock and Roll". The fiery finger riffing solo of "Only Love Can Save Me Now" featuring a Soundgarden duo of drummer Matt Cameron and guitarist Kim Thayil, splashed onto the New Flesh list.

Mammoth Wolfgang Van Halen's second single "You're to Blame" drops today. The son of the late legend Eddie, Wolfgang previous played in Van Halen and Tremonti (of Alter Bridge and Creed fame). His album, dropping June 11th, sees Wolfgang handle the works, recording all instrumentation and vocals.

Matt Heafy's acceptance of the sea-shanty cover challenge brings the adventurous tune to a heavy and intense journey when he enlists Livia Zita as a co-captain on "Wellerman". A damn catchy tune that evokes quitting your job, commandeering a hefty sail ship and never looking back.

One Morning Left's "Sinners Are Winners" flashes an osmosis of hardcore breakdowns into 80s hair metal, equipped with high pitches squeals from both the vox and shredding guitars with chanting choruses.

Croatia's Manntra brings their grand epic folk-metal fusion to KNOTFEST on "Barren King" with full fledged throat singing. It's the 4th peek of the March 23rd album 'Monster Mind Consuming' following "Ori Ori", "Voices of the Sea" and this year's "Slave".

Additional new hitters come from Bloodred Hourglass and IMMERSE.

These, plus the adds from the other two playlists fill out a diverse playlist with major hitters, new acts and everything in between featuring the newest from Tribulation, Hyro the Hero's explosive latest featuring Spencer from Ice Nine Kills, Accept, and much more.

Stay up to date with the latest on the New Flesh Playlist

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