Knotfest Playlist Adds 1.29

Knotfest Playlist Adds 1.29

- By Chris Hudson

A new hitter from Rob Zombie highlights a packed week with new tracks from Chevelle & Genghis Tron. While Brand of Sacrifice, Scarlxrd and a Harakiri for the Sky cover beat the Pulse.

Rob Zombie's “The Eternal Struggles Of The Howling Man” headlines this week's Tribe Leaders adds. The track is the second, following “The Triumph Of King Freak (A Crypt Of Preservation And Superstition)”, from the highly anticipated new album 'The Lunar Injection Kool Aid Eclipse Conspiracy' coming March 12th. Both tracks lay claim to real-estate on the playlist.

Additionally Chevelle's "Peach" (also a second track of an anticipated album dropping in March - the 5th) clears way for itself towards the top. It follows "Self Destructor" (also on the playlist) in carrying momentum for 'NIRATIAS'.

Genghis Tron's first release in 13 years "Dream Weapon" also joins the Tribe.

Sitting atop of the playlist for another week is Bring Me the Horizon's collab with Babymetal, a double dip of Architects, the newest from Of Mice & Men, The Pretty Reckless featuring Tom Morello and more.

Stream the full Tribe Leaders Playlist

Leading the future of the genre on the Pulse of the Maggots emerging artist playlist is KF favorites Brand of Sacrifice, Annisokay, Harakiri for the Sky, & Scarlxrd.

Brand of Sacrifice "Animals" peaks a busy month with the band at Knotfest. Highlighted by an interview on Mosh Talks, their previous release took over Knotfest. The "Lifeblood" video made our music video row earlier in the month, while the track hit both Pulse and New Flesh playlists. This takeover style seems like it'll be a reoccurring theme in 2021 for the band ahead of their new album out March 5th.

Annisokay's "Aurora" continues a trend of their releases heading straight to the Pulse playlist. Harakiri for the Sky's provoking cover of Placebo's "Song to Say Goodbye" highlights the 5th song in a build towards Feb 19th's full-length 'MÆRE'

Scarlxrd headlines the aggressive trap metal movement on "Evil Egx" (following last week's absolute head snapping affair of "Red Light") that also features Kamiyada+'s "Metal in Me" and Pulse Fest alumni PRXJEK's "I <3 Pain".

KNOTFEST's weekly premieres from Monasteries & Heriot hammer their way on while Skywalker's "Charon's Song and Islander's "The Outsider" breathe new life into the scene.

Australia's Saviour heavy but beautiful "Worlds Collide", off their EP 'Life Imitates Art' (dropping April 9th), spearheads other adds from the week. New alt-metal outfit DEAR MOTHER's "Symbiose" bashes it's way on, as well as TIDALWAVE's energetic punch "Deadhead".

The Southern Oracle levels the Earth fiercely dropping the apt named "Crowdpleaser" into the list, Canada's Suicide for a King stakes claim as a must watch band in 2021 with "The Worst in Us " and Dead/Awake unleashes the punishing "The End".

Additional adds from Fallstar, Lastelle, Asraya, Bad/Love and Blind Channel join Hyro the Hero's explosion with Spencer of Ice Nine Kills, Nervosa, Gatecreeper and more already on the playlist.

Listen to the full Pulse of the Maggots Playlist

Tribulation's "Daughter of Djinn" heads to New Flesh in celebration of the release of their fifth album 'When the Gloom Becomes Sound' while Norwegian hard hitters, Einherjer, slay away on "The Blood and the Iron" the second single off the forthcoming 'North Star' album (Feb 26).

Papa Roach's classic "Last Resort" gets a reloaded remix with Jeris Johnson.

Devil Sold His Soul throws down a haunting bruiser in "The Narcissist", following last year's "Beyond Reach" in preparation of their 1st album since 2012 - 'Loss' (out 4.09).

They fill out a diverse playlist with major hitters, new acts and everything in between featuring the newest from Love & Death, ERRA, Sylosis, Dines x Heafy, Every Time I Die Cult of Luna and Pulse of the Maggots Fest alumni Orbit Culture, dEMOTIONAL, & Once Awake plus much more.

Stay up to date with the latest on the New Flesh Playlist

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