New Music Roundup: Playlist Adds 2.26.21

New Music Roundup: Playlist Adds 2.26.21

- By Chris Hudson

With major releases from Architects, Of Mice & Men, Epica and exciting new tracks from Brand of Sacrifice, Vexed, Off the Cross and more - it's a hell of a week for aggressive music.

The much anticipated Architects album, 'For Those That Wish To Exist', finally drops. The album currently has 4 tracks in our Top 50 Tribe Leaders playlist, really 4 in our Top 10 - that's how ferociously hot the fever is on this one. Enjoy the satisfaction of finally getting the full album featuring last week's "Meteor", plus "Animals" "Dead Butterflies" and "Black Lungs".

If that's not enough Architects, Craig Reynolds of The Downbeat on KNOTFEST has you covered.

Craig sat down with bassist Ali Dean yesterday to chat everything... but the new record

Conversely, lead singer Sam Carter joined Craig at the beginning of the year to chat the new record from its writing/recording to playing an empty Royal Albert Hall on a live stream

Speaking of celebrating releases with multiple tracks on the list, Of Mice & Men adds another with today's release of "Anchor", completing the anticipated EP 'Timeless'. Rounding it out is the title track, "Timeless", and "Obsolete" - both of which currently reside in the Top 15.

Beez of KNOTFEST's Mosh Talks chatted with drummer Valentino Fuego of Of Mice & Men on writing parts of the album live on Twitch.

Epica's "The Skeleton Key" joins the playlist in tandem with their album 'Omega' dropping today. Watch as Beez interviews founding member, Martin Jansen, about their triumphant return after almost 5 years away.

The last add of the week comes from Sweden's metal royalty, Sabaton. The band dropped "Livgardet" to light the fire, and hopefully shed some light, on their upcoming plans with their 10th album. So far, the band has only announced their next single will be "The Royal Guard" dropping on April 9.

After many, many weeks at #1, Bring Me the Horizon's collab with Babymetal has finally fallen all the way to....#2. Shooting straight to #1 is...

"Born for One Thing", Gojira's first single off the April 30th 'Fortitude', which will be their first album in five years. The band continues its seismic influence over the genre, both critically and commercially, and it would be highly naive to think this will be the last #1 for the band on this record cycle.

Additional shout outs to System of a Down, Lamb of God (including their newest "Ghost Shaped People" from their upcoming deluxe edition), While She Sleeps, The Pretty Reckless, Chevelle (with 3!), Deftones, ERRA, Rob Zombie and Tetrarch all who have two tracks in the Top 50.

Stream the full Tribe Leaders Playlist

The slate of emerging artists impresses as always with a few KNOTFEST favorites in this week's Pulse of the Maggots adds.

The countdown is on, only 7 more days until the new Brand of Sacrifice 'Lifeblood' album drops. Already slamming "Animal", "Lifeblood" and "Demon King", the band released "Altered Eyes" today which tops our playlist. In the words of Chandler Bing...."Can we BE anymore excited for an album?"

Earlier, Beez sat down with frontman Kyle Anderson to chat the new record.

With the ink just drying on a record deal with Napalm Records, Vexed drops "Hideous" giving the world a taste of what their first major label record will sound like - the upcoming 'Culling Culture' falling into our hands on May 21st. This is a must watch band of 2021.

Vektor keeps the trash coming fierce on "Activate". The track is off their recent EP split with Cryptosis, who will also be joining them on a co-headlining tour through Europe, Concert Gods willing.

The fucking firecracker that is Pupil Slicer blasts undeniable chaos all over the damn place on "Interlocutor". While Cane Hill keeps the bruising fresh with "God is the Enemy", the third part of their somewhat secretive and purposely ambiguous 'Krewe De La Mort'.

Horror heavy rockers, Mister Misery, drop the hauntingly heavy "Devil in Me" as they savage their way to April 23rd and the release of their 2nd album 'A Brighter Side Of Death'.

Another great week of premieres on KNOTFEST include Korpse's "Molestation Condonation" and Lastelle's "A Letter Unread".

Speaking of KNOTFEST Premieres, get an early taste of Mike's Dead "Sick" on the Pulse playlist before KNOTFEST premieres the music video tomorrow.

Off the Cross presents us with highway riding charisma on "Exist" off the Belgium quartet's upcoming ‘Enjoy It While It Lasts’, coming April 29th. Peep the video if you get the chance, it's rad fun.

Michigan's metalcore outfit, Hollow Front gets an assist from manager/Fit for a King frontman Ryan Kirby on the hard hitting "Falling Apart." Meanwhile LANDMVRKS drops "Overrated", their third single in a row to hit the Pulse playlist following "Lost in a Wave" and this year's "Paralyzed".

Wheel, Bodysnatcher, Deadlights, Oceans, Dream Drop, Banshee and Damn Nation fill out the rest of this week's adds which join Death Blooms, Octopus Montage, VCTMS, Kamiyada +, Void of Vision, Ghost Iris, Gatecreeper and more already on the playlist.

Listen to the full Pulse of the Maggots Playlist

Legendary metal punk act, The Melvins drop their 24th album today - 'Working with God', and add the pulsating "Hund" to the New Flesh playlist, your curated blend of all things aggressively new.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, Denzel Curry teams up with Joey Bada$$ on "'Cosmic'.41 " for a spacey trip through an aggressive throwdown.

Additional adds come from Combichrist, The Horrors, Manafest feat Redlight King, Moonspell, Everygrey feat James Labrie and Metalite.

These, plus the adds from the other two playlists fill out a diverse playlist with major hitters, new acts and everything in between featuring the newest from Chino Moreno and Trippie Redd, Andrew W.K., a badass banger from Butcher Babies, Cannibal Corpse and more.

Stay up to date with the latest on the New Flesh Playlist

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