New Music Roundup: Playlist Adds 3.05.21

New Music Roundup: Playlist Adds 3.05.21

- By Chris Hudson

Albums from A Day to Remember, Chevelle, Brand of Sacrifice, Void of Vision, Denzel Curry plus singles from Evanescence, As Everything Unfolds, Apocalyptica ft Jacoby Shaddix, Atreyu ft. Travis Barker and Badflower spotlight a VERY aggressive week.

Fresh heat coming from A Day to Remember and Chevelle album drops start this week's Tribe Leaders (Top 50 tracks) on fire.

A Day to Remember release the hammering punisher "Last Chance to Dance (Bad Friend)" to spotlight the release of 'You're Welcome' - the band's first album since 2016's 'Bad Vibrations'. ADTR originally planned on hitting the road with Slipknot on the Knotfest Roadshow last summer before Covid came and fucked everything up.

Chevelle, the band that has 3 tracks in the Top 50, releases the long awaited 'NIRATIAS' from which those tracks reside. It marks their first album in 5 years, since 2016's 'The North Corridor'. Early returns prove the band is just as strong as ever with "Self Destructor", "Peach" and "Remember When" all on the playlist.

Additionally the KNOTFEST Premiere of "On the Inside" from As Everything Unfolds makes its presence known on the playlist. The absolute fireburner of a band continues to turn heads, and no doubt this latest will leave some with a fierce pain of whiplash. "On the Inside" kicks off their March 26th Long Branch Records debut, ‘Within Each Lies the Other’. Can't say enough about this track - find a way to hear it NOW .... and often.

Evanescence brings the heavy hitter "Better Without You" to tee up the upcoming album 'The Bitter Truth' coming March 26 featuring the previously released "Use My Voice". While Apocalyptica enlists Jacoby Shaddix (Papa Roach) for a hammerhead of a cover of Cream's "White Room".

After Gojira knocked out the previous month long reign of Bring Me the Horizon, The Architects claim that spot this week with "Animals" - thanks in part to the release of last week's 'For Those That Wish to Exist'. The band still carries a wallop, placing 4 total singles in the Top 50 - "Black Lungs", "Dead Butterflies" and "Meteor" joining your #1 song of the week.

Craig sat down with bassist Ali Dean last week to chat everything... but the new record

Conversely, lead singer Sam Carter joined Craig at the beginning of the year to chat the new record from its writing/recording to playing an empty Royal Albert Hall on a live stream

Sabaton also made some serious noise this week, jumping to #4 with "Livgardet", in its first week of release.

Additional shout outs to System of a Down, Lamb of God (including their newest "Ghost Shaped People" from their upcoming deluxe edition), While She Sleeps, The Pretty Reckless, Deftones, ERRA, and Rob Zombie all who have two tracks in the Top 50.

Stream the full Tribe Leaders Playlist

A KNOTFEST favorite Pulse artist drops an album while joining Clown for a conversation spearheading a packed week that shines a light on the consistently talented crop of emerging artists on the Pulse of the Maggots playlist.

The day is finally here as the highly anticipated album, 'Lifeblood', from Brand of Sacrifice finally drops. Lead singer Kyle Anderson joined Clown in his conversation series, The Electric Theater, this week. The frontman detailed how anime and manga led him to explore extremity in metal, taught him to appreciate art with an edge, and created a deep respect for dark art with real narrative.

The band fills the Pulse playlist with tracks from that album: "Animal", "Lifeblood", and the band's recent single "Altered Eyes" which also makes an appearance in this week's Top 50 Tribe Leaders list.

Earlier, Beez sat down with frontman Kyle Anderson to chat the new record.

Void of Vision's collab album 'Hyperdaze (Redux)' which beefs up their 2019 album, finally gets released. Representing the album is "Splinter" featuring Kadeem France of Loathe. The album additionally features guests: Jacob Charlton (Thornhill), Bobak Rafiee (Justice For The Damned), Lucas Woodland (Holding Absence), Jamie Hails (Polaris), Jon Deiley (Northlane), Kenta Koie (Crossfaith), Garrett Russell (Silent Planet), Ecca Vandal and Up Late.

ALBUMS, ALBUMS, ALBUMS. Joining all the above in album release day is BAEST with 'Necro Sapiens'. Both today's spotlight track, "Towers of Suffocation", and the single from two weeks ago, "Genesis", populate the playlist.

Drown in Sulphur continues the punishment with their latest brutal blast in "Vivant Tenebrae". The track continues the intense pain brought upon their previous two releases, "Essence" and "Descendent Sunrise", building towards what I'm only assuming is a wide destructive bomb of an album coming soon.

Cvlt ov the Svn bring the goth-rock on "My Venom" and announce the first album, 'We Are The Dragon' hitting May 7th on Napalm Records.

Scorching the playlist from last week is Cane Hill's "God is the Enemy". Frontman Elijah Witt talked drugs, religion, and metalcore in the modern world in an illuminating candid conversation on the latest episode of Mosh Talks with Beez.

XZARKHAN's "Black Hawk Down" featuring Kamiyada +, Bala "Hoy No" and Wolfheart's "Hereditary" finalize this week's adds joining Vexed, Pupil Slicer, Vektor, Death Blooms, Octopus Montage, VCTMS, Ghost Iris, Gatecreeper and more already on the playlist.

Listen to the full Pulse of the Maggots Playlist

Atreyu adds the never-stopping machine that is Travis Barker for their latest, the arena chanting and soon to be fighter entrance theme song "Warrior". The track is a conjoined release with "Underrated", previewing their album 'Baptize' hitting June 4th, already featuring "Save Us" (which finds itself in the Top 50 on the Tribe Leaders playlist).

After a soul-searching 2020 that resulted in significant changes, Brandon Saller joined Beez for an episode of Mosh Talks to discuss new music, a new focus, and a renewed determination to prove the naysayers wrong yet again.

Also joining the playlist is California rockers Badflower with the aggressive moody ripper "F*ck the World".

Denzel Curry's collab with Kenny Beats gets relifted on today's drop 'Unlocked 1.5', a slash and clash take on their 2020 'Unlocked'. "Take_it_Back_v2" sees Charlie Heat throw his style on the track rising Denzel's aggressive throwdown into a more shining spotlight.

The Anix breathes electro rock into the playlist with its late night ride "My Eyes".

These, plus the adds from the other two playlists fill out a diverse playlist with major hitters, new acts and everything in between featuring the newest from Epica, Chino Moreno and Trippie Redd, a badass banger from Butcher Babies, Cannibal Corpse and more.

Stay up to date with the latest on the New Flesh Playlist

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