New Music Throwdown: Playlist Adds 3.12.21

New Music Throwdown: Playlist Adds 3.12.21

- By Chris Hudson

Zombie is back and we're ready to party with this week's new music adds to the KNOTFEST Playlists that also include ERRA, Dead by April, Pupil Slicer, Novelists, Sullivan King, CORPSE and more

Rob Zombie is back with the much anticipated 'The Lunar Injection Kool Aid Eclipse Conspiracy'. The album, the first since 2016, kicked off with "The Triumph of King Freak (A Crypt of Preservation and Superstition)", then followed by "The Eternal Struggles of the Hollowing Man" really showcasing true to form Zombie - both which occupy slots in Knotfest's Tribe Leaders (Top 50 Tracks)

Today's album comes with the release of "Crow Killer Blues", a track that puts Zombie's full range and obsession with rock on display from its heavy slams, aggressively howling vocals and laced riffs, all before ending with a melodic touch more reminiscent of The Doors.

ERRA continues the march to next Friday, when they'll release their self-titled album, with the last tease single in "Shadow Autonomous". The band has already released "Scorpion Hymn" (which still lands in our Top 50), "Divisionary", "House of Glass" and "Snowblood".

Dead By April makes its way back onto the playlist with their latest "Heartbeat Failing" - previously "Bulletproof" held a spot earlier in the year. No official announcement on an album yet but in the past year they've released "Memory" and the aforementioned "Bulletproof". (Oh, and the heavy hitting "Let It Go" Frozen cover around the holidays). Keep your eyes peeled.

#1 this week? Last week's album release headliners, A Day to Remember. Fresh off the drop of 'You're Welcome', the brutal throwdown that is "Last Chance to Dance (Bad Friend)' shoots to the top. The track shows the band can still bring the heavy.

Fans have really resonated with the new Architects' album 'For Those That Wish to Exist', (as evident by "Animals" high placement) but especially the harder collab tracks in "Impermanence" featuring Parkway Drive's Winston McCall and "Little Wonder" featuring Royal Blood's Mike Kerr with both making the Top 10. The beauty in this? Neither track was released as a single, they both just possess an organic tractorbeam for those checking out the new album - though the big name guest spots didn't hurt either.

Rounding out the Top 10 is Bring Me the Horizon, System of a Down, last week's new release from Evanescence, Sabaton, Chevelle (also coming off an album drop in last week's 'NIRATIAS'), Gojira, The Pretty Reckless and the newest from Atreyu (part of last week's double drop).

Stream the full Tribe Leaders Playlist

The Pulse of the Maggots playlist continues the never-ending onslaught of emerging artists your ears need.

Heavy chaos-inducers Pupil Slicer, who you may recall from “Interlocutor” which appeared on our Mandatory Jams and hit the Pulse playlist a few weeks ago, drops the highly buzzed about full length, 'Mirrors'. Marking the occasion is the single "Husk", a blistering race to fierce insanity.

If Novelists (or maybe better known as Novelists FR) wasn't on your radar, their metalcore anthem "Terrorist" released today will definitely get your attention. The band's second track with new frontman, Tobias Rische, sees them unleash an electric storm of chaos on an unexpected audience. The ripper's chorus will definitely stick with you. Listen to this shit.

Staying overseas, Finnish outfit Beyond Awareness's latest "Pyrochemical" hits all the right places and fits nicely in the constantly growing talent of metalcore.

Our Hollow, Our Home release another previewing their forthcoming album ‘Burn In The Flood’. After getting an assist from Crystal Lake’s Ryo Kinoshita on “Remember Me” which followed last year's “Burn in the Flood”, the band's ferocious full force attack on "Overcast" helps the album take shape and makes the May 28th release an anxiously awaited event.

Get in on the ground level with Defocus before they tear down the world. The band's first track with Arising Empire, "Common Grave" is a destructive dagger.

Can't get enough of last week's premiere of "On the Inside" from As Everything Unfolds? You're not alone. It needs to be stressed again, this is a can't miss act. 2021 will be big in this camp starting on March 26th with their debut, ‘Within Each Lies the Other’. Hit it on the playlist.

Other recent returning can't miss is Brand of Sacrifice, who dropped the highly anticipated album, 'Lifeblood' last week- "Animal", "Lifeblood", and the band's recent single "Altered Eyes" all fill out the playlist. Lead singer Kyle Anderson joined Clown in his conversation series, The Electric Theater detailing how anime and manga led him to explore extremity in metal, taught him to appreciate art with an edge, and created a deep respect for dark art with real narrative.

Dear Mother and Lies We Sold solidify the rest of this week's Pulse of the Maggots adds joining Vexed, Cane Hill, Vektor, BAEST, Death Blooms, Octopus Montage, VCTMS, Zonezero, and more already on the playlist.

Listen to the full Pulse of the Maggots Playlist

New Flesh (Most Recent 100 Tracks) finalizes this week's new adds with Sullivan King, a twisted hellride with CORPSE & MGK, Arion and Devil Sold His Soul.

Sullivan King follows up his smash collab with Underoath's Aaron Gillespie ("Dark Love") with today's release of "Venomous", this time snagging Spencer Charnas of Ice Nine Kills. The electro infused rock anthem continues King's unique style as he comes more and more into this own. King recently chatted with Knotfest about his recent signing with Hopeless, the genre-blur of his music and why he's "not holding a damn thing back" in 2021. Full story below.

Machine Gun Kelly enlists CORPSE in his journey back to his earlier career in rap, before he turned into 2020/21's alt-rock superstar. "DAYWALKER!" is an aggressive and dark frightening trapmetal masterpiece. CORPSE instantly adds danger the minute he drops in further showcasing why he's trapmetal's most talked about star. The two dribble through a mental hell perfecting a track that'll is sure to expand the genre into a larger audience.

Arion drops a haunting pulsating eruption on "I Love to Be Your Enemy", while Devil Sold His Soul follows up previous playlist add "The Narcissist" with the more airy, but yet still pounding, "Burdened".

These, plus the adds from the other two playlists fill out a diverse playlist with major hitters, new acts and everything in between featuring the newest from Void of Vision, Of Mice & Men, Epica, Chino Moreno and Trippie Redd, Cannibal Corpse and more.

Stay up to date with the latest on the New Flesh Playlist

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