A24 Drops a Chilling Trailer for Upcoming Horror Movie 'Heretic'

A24 Drops a Chilling Trailer for Upcoming Horror Movie 'Heretic'

- By Nicolas Delgadillo

Hugh Grant stars as an evil man with an evil plan for two unfortunate Mormon missionaries in this first trailer

This November, A24 is unleashing another hypnotizing and terrifying feature onto the public - Heretic, starring Hugh Grant as a murderous maniac who just lured in his next pair of victims.

Heretic is directed by filmmaking duo Scott Beck and Bryan Woods, best known as the writers of A Quiet Place as well as directing the 2019 slasher Haunt and the dino sci-fi action movie 65 starring Adam Driver. Heretic looks to outdo them all if this trailer is any indication.

The film follows two young Mormon missionaries, Sister Paxton (Chloe East) and Sister Barnes (Sophie Thatcher). The pair of them are used to rejections as they go door to door, so it's a bit strange when they're invited in by the welcoming Mr. Reed (Hugh Grant). The kindly older man seems nice enough, and he claims his wife is just in the other room preparing dinner, but the vibes are definitely off.

The two young women quickly realize that escaping Mr. Reed will be more difficult, and more horrifying, than they could have ever imagined. The film hits theaters this November 15th. Check out the trailer below.

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