Actress Reine Swart discusses 'Triggered' and survival of the fittest on Screen Crusades

Actress Reine Swart discusses 'Triggered' and survival of the fittest on Screen Crusades

- By Ramon Gonzales

The actress and filmmaker explains how a survival horror film about killing off your friends to avoiding being blown up can be a fun cinematic experience.

Actress, writer, and filmmaker Reine Swart stopped in for a conversation with Ryan Downey for the Knotfest series, Screen Crusades.

The segment spotlighted Swart's current project in the Alastair Orr-helmed horror thriller, Triggered. The film depicts a night in the wilderness with a group of nine friends all coming together for a camping trip. After some heavy partying, the crew wakes up to find they all have suicide bombs strapped to their chests.

In trying to figure out how to disarm the explosives, the audience becomes aware that this group is a harboring a dark, collective secret. They also find out that the timer that actives their device gains more time if they kill another person in the group. The sinister game of survival becomes an adrenaline charged tale that really does live up to the thriller moniker.

As Swart detailed her involvement in the project and how the premise, particularly the work of director Alastair Orr pique her interest, the greater theme of the film began to steer the discussion. Swart explained how the progression of the plot goes from the group thinking communally to being forced to take inventory of what and who really mattered. When faced with the ultimate decision of the survival, people can be pushed to do some very depraved things.

As it pertains to Swart's character, Rian, her priority evolves as the film progresses from the safety and survival of her group of friends, to only her own survival and that of her love interest PJ. It's that human dynamic that makes the story/project especially interesting for the actress. She also wasn't lost on on how the theme is somewhat applicable to real life given the turbulent nature of 2020.

Despite the heavy subject matter and the violent nature of the film, Swart admits there is an element of levity in between the characters that makes the film move along at an entertaining pace. It's bizarre to associate a film that indulges in survival horror as fun but Triggered manages to deliver both the thought-provoking drama and the heart-racing action that make a film like this a genuinely good time.

Watch the complete interview with Reine Swart of Triggered on the latest episode of Screen Crusades with Ryan J. Downey below.

TRIGGERED is available On Demand and Digital November 6th.

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