Screen Crusades: Weekly Streaming Guide 6.9.23

Screen Crusades: Weekly Streaming Guide 6.9.23

- By Nicolás Delgadillo

A group of veterans are haunted by the ghosts of their past on Shudder, The Weeknd infiltrates Max, and much more hits streaming this week


‘Brooklyn 45’ (Shudder)

Best friends since childhood, five military veterans gather to support their troubled host, and the metaphoric ghosts of their past become all-too-literal.

‘The Crowded Room’ (Apple TV+)

The Crowded Room follows Danny Sullivan (Tom Holland), a man who is arrested following his involvement in a shooting in New York City in 1979. A captivating thriller told through a series of interviews with curious interrogator Rya Goodwin (Amanda Seyfried), Danny’s life story unfolds, revealing elements of the mysterious past that shaped him, and the twists and turns that will lead him to a life-altering revelation.

‘The Idol’ (Max)

After having a nervous breakdown that caused the cancellation of her last tour, an aspiring pop star begins a complicated relationship with a self-help guru and the head of a contemporary cult.

‘Barracuda Queens’ (Netflix)

Barracuda Queens is a girl gang heist series following a group of disaffected teenagers who, bored of their privileged lives, become involved in an escalating campaign of house burglaries targeting their rich neighbors.

‘Flamin’ Hot’ (Disney+ / Hulu)

Richard Montanez, the son of a Mexican immigrant, was a janitor at Frito Lay when he came up with the idea for Flamin' Hot Cheetos. His creation, inspired by the flavours of his community, revitalises Frito-Lay and disrupts the food industry.

‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (Season 16)’ (Hulu)

Proof that rock bottom isn't always as low as you can go, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia returns for a record-extending Sweet 16 Season. The Gang is ripping straight from the headlines as they yearn for the past and attempt to survive the year, navigating 2023 with 16 years of baggage and a few figures from their past rearing their heads.

‘Joe Pickett (Season 2)’ (Paramount+)

Wyoming Game Warden Joe Pickett (Michael Dorman) discovers a hunter murdered in the mountains and realizes his is just one of a series of gruesome murders. To solve the case and catch the killer, Joe must navigate a radical anti-hunting activist, a ghoulish set of twins living off the grid, and his own tortured past. Joe and his wife, Marybeth (Julianna Guill), discover that the murdered men weren’t as innocent as they seemed, but when they dig too deep, they are forced to go on the run and fight for their very lives.

‘Baby Ruby’ (Hulu)

Baby Ruby tells the story of Jo, a successful lifestyle entrepreneur who is happily pregnant, awaiting the arrival of her first child. But soon after Jo welcomes baby Ruby home, something starts to feel off - even though she's assured it's all perfectly normal. Is something wrong with her? Is something wrong with Ruby? And why are the seemingly perfect neighborhood moms so desperate to befriend her? As Jo fights to protect herself and her baby, she is plunged into a waking fever dream where everyone is a threat and nothing is what it seems.

‘Avatar: The Way of Water’ (Disney+ / Max)

Set more than a decade after the events of the first film, Avatar: The Way of Water begins to tell the story of the Sully family (Jake, Neytiri, and their kids), the trouble that follows them, the lengths they go to keep each other safe, the battles they fight to stay alive, and the tragedies they endure.

‘Tár’ (Prime Video)

Renowned musician Lydia Tár (Cate Blanchett) is days away from recording the symphony that will elevate her career. The film examines the changing nature of power, its impact and durability in our modern world, when all elements seem to conspire against her.


‘Silo’ (Apple TV+)

In a ruined and toxic future, thousands live in a giant silo deep underground. After its sheriff breaks a cardinal rule and residents die mysteriously, engineer Juliette (Rebecca Ferguson) starts to uncover shocking secrets and the truth about the silo. The first seven episodes are now streaming.

‘Class of ‘09’ (Hulu)

Class of ’09 follows a class of FBI agents set in three distinct points in time who grapple with immense changes as the U.S. criminal justice system is altered by artificial intelligence. Spanning multiple decades and told across interweaving timelines, the series examines the nature of justice, humanity and the choices we make that ultimately define our lives and legacy. The first six episodes are now streaming.

‘The Clearing’ (Hulu)

A woman must face the demons from her past in order to stop the kidnapping and coercion of innocent children in the future. The first four episodes are now streaming.

‘Deadloch’ (Prime Video)

When a local man turns up dead on the beach, two vastly different detectives are thrown together to solve the case, fastidious local senior sergeant Dulcie Collins (Kate Box) and a rough-as-guts blow-in from Darwin, senior investigator Eddie Redcliffe (Madeleine Sami) along with their overeager junior constable Abby (Nina Oyama). As the town prepares to launch the annual arts, food, and culture event—Winter Festival—the trio must put their differences aside and work together to find the killer. The first four episodes are now streaming.

Also streaming now:

Netflix - ‘Ben 10’, ‘Living’, ‘Stronger’, ‘Ordinary Men: The Forgotten Holocaust’, ‘Arnold’, ‘Tour de France: Unchained’, ‘The Playing Card Killer’, ‘Bloodhounds’, ‘Human Resources (Season 2)’, ‘Tex Mex Motors’

Hulu – ‘Keanu’, ‘The Age of Influence’, ‘Cruel Summer (Season 2)’, ‘Stars on Mars’, ‘The Secret Garden (2020)’, ‘Somewhere Boy’, ‘The Amazing Maurice’, ‘Murder at Yellowstone City’

Shudder – ‘Calvaire’

Max – ‘Louisiana Law’, ‘Burden of Proof’, ‘Ghost Adventures’, ‘A Star is Born (2018)’, ‘American Pain’

Prime Video – ‘Crazy Rich Asians’, Sully’

Paramount+ – ‘Margaux’, ‘Warrior Women with Lupita Nyong’o’, ‘MTV Movie and TV Awards’

Disney+ – ‘America’s National Parks (Season 2)’, ‘First Alaskans (Season 2)’, ‘Hailey’s On It!’


Netflix - ‘Dunkirk’, ‘Tom and Jerry Tales’, ‘Forged in Fire (Season 8)’, ‘Our Planet II’, ‘The Surrogacy’, ‘When Missing Turns to Murder’, ‘Black Mirror (Season 6)’, ‘Cold Case Files (Season 2)’, ‘The Bad Family’, ‘47 Ronin’, ‘Black Clover: Sword of the Wizard King’, ‘Extraction 2’, ‘Para Betina Pengikut Iblis’, ‘Race’, ‘Unbroken’

Hulu - ‘Dune (2021)’, ‘Hazlo Como Hombre’, ‘The Full Monty’, ‘Jagged Mind’, ‘The Wonder Years (Season 2)’, ‘6 Days’, ‘All Good Things’, ‘Drinking Buddies’, ‘Nature Calls’, ‘Please Stand By’, ‘The Apology’, ‘Chevalier’, ‘Ender’s Game’

Shudder - ‘The Devil’s Candy’

Max - ‘Red 2’, ‘Walker (Season 3)’, ‘Vacation’, ‘How Do You Measure a Year?’, ‘Awkwafina is Nora from Queens (Season 3)’, ‘Rap Battlefield (Season 2)’

Prime Video - ‘Interstellar’, ‘Spoiler Alert’, ‘There’s Something Wrong with the Children’

Paramount+ - ‘One Thousand Years of Slavery’, ‘The Color of Care’, ‘The Last Cowboy (Season 2)’, ‘Star Trek: Strange New Worlds (Season 2)’

Disney+ - ‘Last of the Giants: Wild Fish (Season 2)’, ‘Stan Lee’

Apple TV+ - ‘The Afterparty (Season 2)’

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