Terrifier 3' Promises to Violently Up the Ante

Terrifier 3' Promises to Violently Up the Ante

- By Nicolás Delgadillo

Writer and director Damien Leone wants to make Art the Clown genuinely scary again, and he just might be able to do it

In a world filled with slasher sequels and reboots, it can be tricky to create a new villainous icon for the horror scene that'll be as embraced as the famous monsters of yesteryear. But look no further than the likes of Art the Clown, who has humble beginnings as a cult favorite before the character's second movie, last year's Terrifier 2, rode a wave of crowd sourced funding to huge box office and mainstream success.

Created by writer and director Damien Leone and actor David Howard Thornton, Art is a prime example of audiences saying that the more extreme, the better. The Terrifier movies are sadistically gruesome gorefests and Art is an exceptionally cruel killer clown - even seasoned horror veterans are likely to look away during some moments in the series.

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Courtesy of Dark Age Cinema

That extremism has earned this newfound franchise a significant number of fans, so the heat is on for the upcoming Terrifier 3 to go bigger and bloodier. How that's even possible is yet to be seen, but Leone has assured fans that he's always tried to top himself with each of his subsequent films. In an interview with Variety, the filmmaker confessed that he's kept awake at night trying to come up with ideas that'll be able to frighten even the most desensitized horror fans.

While obviously light on any details about the plot, Leone does at least make his intention with the upcoming movie very clear. "I want it to feel as if the audience coming into this one isn’t as comfortable with Art the Clown as they feel they are now." he says in the interview. "I want to see if I can make them really scared of him again." We only have a year to brace our gag reflex for whatever lies ahead.

'Terrifier 3' drops into theaters in October 2024.

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