Andreas Kisser of Sepultura talks SepulQuarta, the impact of the Big 4, and his memories of Joey Jordison on the Talk Toomey Podcast

Andreas Kisser of Sepultura talks SepulQuarta, the impact of the Big 4, and his memories of Joey Jordison on the Talk Toomey Podcast

- By Ramon Gonzales

The guitarist even recalls the time he played Roots with Jordison and Paul Gray.

The latest edition the Talk Toomey Podcast welcomed a legend in veteran guitarist and metal ambassador, Andreas Kisser of the mighty Sepultura. As the band gears up to release their pandemic-inspired live album in Sepulquarta, Kisser broke down just how different this live LP was from it's predecessor and the kind of freedom that came with making such an unexpected project.

For context, Sepulquarta started as the band found a creative pivot while stuck at home during the pandemic. That pivot was their Sepulquarta podcast. Each week, the band would welcome different guests - sourcing their vast rolodex of friends and contemporaries to discuss the bigger picture of touring, art, culture, and metal.

What resulted was a collection of all-star jam sessions that saw the guys in Sepultura, taking up some of their very best tracks with the likes of Scott Ian (Anthrax), Matt Heafy (Trivium), Alex Skolnick (Testament) and Devin Townsend for a live compilation album birthed out of the jam sessions from their podcast. Given the surprise nature of the album, Kisser said there were added benefits in for an effort that was so under the radar. Not only did he love the idea of playing some of the band's deep cuts, but he said he loved being able to break out some of his cherished classic guitars for the home recordings.

Kisser also framed the longevity of his career when he talked about contemporaries and collaborators like Scott Ian. The guitarist recalled is brief, albeit memorable stint filling in on guitar for Anthrax and referenced the Bog 4 as his "masters" - forefathers that really laid the groundwork for the sound.

The Sepultura guitarist also recalled his work with recently departed, founding Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison - fondly ruminating on the Roadrunner United era in which the two worked as part of a historic collaborative effort that saw many of the genre's biggest and best contribute to the landmark album in which Jordison served as one of four team captains.

Kisser continued to speaking highly of the Slipknot core, recalling a special time he jammed songs from Sepultura classic, Roots, with both Jordison and beloved bassist Paul Gray. Kisser revisited his time on the Tattoo The Earth tour with the Slipknot guys and offered nothing but high praise for both Jordison and Gray - citing they were both too young and too sweet to be taken from the world.

Kisser also dug into the catalog of Sepultura and spoke about the impact of some of the band's most enduring work. Specifically, Kisser referenced the seminal Arise as the band's dream record, and spoke highly of working with Scott Burns and Morrissound Studios. Kisser rounded out the conversation by bringing things back to the present era of the band - particularly their dominant drummer in Eloy Casagrande. The universally respected percussionist is regarded as one of the best in the game - that's part of why Kisser believes he was born to play in Sepultura.

Stream the complete episode the Talk Toomey Podcast featuring Andreas Kisser of Sepultura below. SepulQuarta arrives August 13th via Nuclear Blast Records and can be pre-ordered - HERE

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