Brian 'Head' Welch talks Love and Death, the perseverance of KORN, and thriving as a musical mentor on the Talk Toomey podcast

Brian 'Head' Welch talks Love and Death, the perseverance of KORN, and thriving as a musical mentor on the Talk Toomey podcast

- By Ramon Gonzales

The guitarist and songwriter introduces Jevon "ODW" Barnes of Noble Poets and details how music functions as therapy in confronting past trauma.

The latest edition of the Talk Toomey podcast welcomes pioneering guitarist and KORN OG Brian 'Head' Welch for a comprehensive conversation that touched on everything from Head's passion project in Love and Death, how Korn has persevered despite the set backs of Covid, and introduces friend and collaborator, Jevon "ODW" Barnes of Noble Poets.

Linking with Barnes back in 2012, Head shared how their mutual faith ultimately brought the two together. While Head's personal evolution has been a very candid, well-documented pursuit, the musician has continued to share his personal growth in nurturing the people around him in the same pursuit.

ODW would take the floor to better illuminate people on his past and how his traumatic childhood segued into a life that most people would only know from the movies. ODW shared harrowing details of how he would eventually fall into selling drugs and how that ultimately lead to him seeing his best friend die right next to him - a story that ended with the same gun jamming to miraculously spare ODW's life.

The formative experiences would eventually lead ODW to make significant strides to reform his life entirely. It was through his personal transformation that he opted to embrace music to recount his former life and share his story in an effort to potentially steer someone else into the same positive direction.

Head would also discuss his ongoing work with his Love and Death project and the band's recently released, 'Perfectly Preserved' live album. The songwriter would share the success of the album and the subsequent live companion with his collaborators, communicating a genuine sense of pride in how the finished product turned out. Head would also give some love to Matty Mullins of Memphis May Fire who performed "White Flag" with the band for the livestream event and the subsequent live album.

There was naturally some discussion about Korn and kind of year 2021 has been for the band. Head shared how the band has been especially resilient, maintaining a strong touring schedule despite the ongoing threat of Covid-19. The band would be hit hard by the virus with Jonathan Davis, James Munky Shaffer, and drummer Ray Luzier all testing positive while out on tour.

As for what keeps Korn moving, pushing and continuing to be as innovative as ever decades in, Head attributes the band's drive to the connection they have with their fans. Simply put, head says the band's loyal supports really are the best and continue to motivate the band to always be on their A-game no matter the circumstances.

In that same spirit of connection and sharing personal experiences through music, Head has passed along his expertise to nurture emerging musicians. Thriving in that role of creative mentor, ODW shared how Head has been crucial in collecting the musicians that are helping ODW see his vision to come fruition for Dead Poets. With the album expected to surface in June of 2022, the guys are already fleshing out ideas for names. Appropriately enough, "Beautiful Flaw" is emerging as an early favorite.

Stream the complete episode of the Talk Toomey Podcast below featuring special guest Brian 'Head' Welch of KORN and guest, Jevon "ODW" Barnes of Noble Poets.

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