Christmas Eve with Talk Toomey

Christmas Eve with Talk Toomey

- By Matt Rushton

Joshua and Chris return this week with some Christmastime goodness... actually who are we kidding, it's Pantera talk and more.

The guys start the show with some football talk and catching up on what has happened recently. Toomey recounts his trip to see Jason Mewes at a local comedy club. He talks about his hate for local humor at comedy shows and then gets into his review of the Mewes show and talks about the View Askew Universe. The guys dive into what Tim "Ripper" Owens and Robb Flynn had to say about the Pantera celebration.

Chris gives a quick review of the Metallica charity concert. Toomey and Akin also hit on some Lamb of God news, and Deftones recording a new album, in which Toomey tells a story of hanging with Stephen Carpenter. Also rumors of Limp Bizkit in the studio are discussed, and Joshua and Chris pull the curtain back and talk about interviewing character bands.

The guys finish the Christmas episode with some favorite Christmas movie talk and dive into the career of Macaulay Culkin.

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