Dee Snider talks taking the trust fall with Jamey Jasta, finding his place in metal, and phone calls with Phil Anselmo on the Talk Toomey podcast

Dee Snider talks taking the trust fall with Jamey Jasta, finding his place in metal, and phone calls with Phil Anselmo on the Talk Toomey podcast

- By Ramon Gonzales

The iconic frontman gets real about his admiration of Ozzy, his fire to create something new, and how his partnership with Jasta is a move he is glad he made.

Ahead of the July 30th release of his fifth full length album, Leave A Scar, rock music icon Dee Snider sat in for a session on the Talk Toomey podcast for a conversation that further cemented just why the legendary frontman remains such an enduring, relevant figure after more than four decades in the game.

Given the success of Snider's previous For the Love of Metal, he opted again to join up with producer Jamey Jasta for the follow-up. What Dee would confide is that this time around, he felt like he really had something to say and connecting creatively with Jasta, he knew it would be done right. Snider, who has spoken highly of Jasta and their ongoing working connection, credited the producer and Hatebreed frontman for helping him to find his place in modern landscape of metal. Snider confided that it was a trust fall he was glad he took.

As for the record itself, Snider talked about not wanting to rehash the past. For the well-spoken frontman, making music was about building and moving forward, so the idea of making another Twisted Sister record just didn't seem like the route to go. That's partially why features on Leave A Scar from the likes of George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher of Cannibal Corpse are such a big leap. Though unexpected, the collaboration works well and it was Snider's vision that brought it all together.

With Snider's tenure in the game, there was annually some discussion about the evolving business aspect of music. Dee went into some of the details and math involved in selling your catalog and what it's like having your music in commercials. The conversation dove into the bigger picture of the business that often gets lost in the romance of the stage and studio.

Snider also spoke frankly about singers that go solo and shared that while it's often not discussed, that every singer that goes solo has the goal of following the template laid down by Ozzy. Not a bad role model to aspire to that is for sure. Snider also spoke highly of Sebastian Bach and said that he wishes that Bach would do a record similar to his.

Closing out the conversation, Snider shared his experience at metal festivals such as Bloodstock and how his reception made for an especially memorable outing. He finished out his time with a story about a phone call he had with another famous frontman in Phil Anselmo of Pantera back in the 90s. The story not only underscores Snider's legendary status, but reiterates how engaging a speaker and storyteller Snider continues to be.

Stream the complete episode of the Talk Toomey Podcast featuring Dee Snider below. Leave A Scar arrives on Napalm Records July 30th and can be pre-ordered - HERE

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