Jason Wisdom on Becoming the Archetype's new record 'Children of the Great Extinction' and more on the latest Talk Toomey podcast

Jason Wisdom on Becoming the Archetype's new record 'Children of the Great Extinction' and more on the latest Talk Toomey podcast

- By Matt Rushton

Jason Wisdom of Becoming the Archetype joins the Talk Toomey podcast to discuss the band's latest album, Children of the Great Extinction.

After more than a decade of being dormant, frontman Jason Wisdom of Becoming The Archetype is discussing the roaring resurgence of the band and the introduction of their new iteration with the single, "The Last Colony".

Furthering breaking down the track and how bands like Mastodon and Gojira served as a heavy influence, the guys dissect how song dynamics and diversity make for a more interesting metal song. Intending to take listeners on a journey, Wisdom explains that if a song is too one dimensional, he tends to lose interest. Judging by the response "The Lost Colony" has already garnered in the comment threads - mission accomplished.

Doubling down on the idea of incorporating narrative and creating an immersive world with their music, Wisdom explains that this most recent rebirth of Becoming the Archetype includes new creative terrain for the band - completing their first ever concept album where track one, through track ten all come together as a cohesive story - A first for the veteran metal musician.

There was a bit of guitar geeking as the guys also dug deep into the guitar solo from "The Lost Colony" with the spotlight shifted on Daniel Gailey. The guitarist for Fit For A King and Phinehas managed to find a balance between Dragonforce and Pantera with the breakdown that delivers the goods in a way that makes the track memorable.

Wisdom further elaborated on how the band organically came together again due in part to the pandemic. While the musician walked away from the band amicably a decade ago with the pending arrival of his baby, he always knew he had something left in the tank. When the pandemic prompted the world to slow down, refocus and reinvest in what they felt was important, Wisdom reached out to his friends and bandmates with the intention of fleshing out some ideas... the new version of Becoming the Archetype then began to take shape.

Wisdom talked about starting over with his other project Death Therapy and explained how it was a balance in trying to strike out with something different while still addressing the questions about Becoming the Archetype. He explained that BtA managed to come up at the perfect time, during the renaissance of metalcore. He shared how they toured with bands that have since gone up to be massive citing Underoath, ZAO, Norma Jean, and As I Lay Dying as just a few names that have not only endured but thrived since.

As for the future of the band, Wisdom just seems happy to have another BtA project set to be introduced to the world. Confident with the core of himself, Seth Hecox and Brent Duckett along with the help of guys like Daniel Gailey - the band is gearing up for an August release via Solid State Records and if the shows make sense, Wisdom is not opposed to taking the band on the road again to share the live experience once more.

Children of the Great Extinction arrives on Solid State Records on August 26. Pre-order it here.

"The Dead World"
"The Lost Colony"
"The Remnant"
"The Calling"
"The Phantom Field"
"The Awakening"
"The Hollow"
"The Ruins" (Feat. Ryan Clark)
"The Curse"
"The Sacrament"

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