Jesse Leach talks Times of Grace, the different eras of Killswitch Engage and his bond with Light The Torch frontman Howard Jones

Jesse Leach talks Times of Grace, the different eras of Killswitch Engage and his bond with Light The Torch frontman Howard Jones

- By Ramon Gonzales

The frontman shares the process of writing Atonement and finishing the long-awaited Times of Grace LP while praising his friend and contemporary.

The most recent edition of the Talk Toomey Podcast with host Joshua Toomey welcomed revered heavy music frontman in Jesse Leach. The voice of mainstays such as Killswitch Engage and the resurfaced Times of Grace, Leach spoke candidly about his tenure with both collectives, his dislike for metalcore, and gushed about his long-standing connection with his former predecessor in Light the Torch's Howard Jones.

Among the important takeaways from the exchange include Leach's "No Rules" approach with his passion project in Times of Grace. Working alongside Adam Dutkiewicz, the frontman detailed how creative environment was unrestricted and gave the guys the freedom to explore new terrain.

The conversation would naturally steered towards Killswitch, which Leach spoke frankly about everything from his audition process with the band to what it's like to tackle the Howard Jones era songs with the kind of conviction necessary for such epic tracks. In fact, the two frontmen share an especially unique bond that was evident as Leach further explained their connection.

During the conversation, Leach would speak in the highest regard of Jones in confiding, "I'm standing on his shoulders with my career. If he didn't do what he did, I wouldn't be where I am." Leach would go on to discuss how he loved watching Jones sing the preceding era of KsE tracks and emphatic asserted that his friend and counterpart had a "voice of steel."

Adding to that sentiment, Leach talked about the possibility of a Killswitch Engage/Light The Torch tour in 2022. Leaving zero room for doubt, Leach would refer to the trek as something that "has to happen" - making for a potentially historic union and an epic run for diehard fans of the band and their different eras.

Dissecting his dislike of metalcore, the backstory behind Atonement, and even getting into his various influences that run the gamut from Minor Threat to Bjork, the exchange with Leach further assets why he is one of heavy music's most important voices.

Stream the complete episode of the Talk Toomey Podcast with Jesse Leach of Killswitch Engage and Times of Grace below.

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