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On the latest Talk Toomey podcast, the BFMV axeman discusses the band's new album, the historic festival play coming out of a pandemic, and how Kurt Cobain and Dimebag Darrell changed his life.

Currently ridding high with the announcement of a new record and their historic headlining performance at this year's truncated party at Donington for Download Pilot, Padge of Bullet For My Valentine checked in for an at-length discussion with host Joshua Toomey on the KNOTFEST series, The Talk Toomey Podcast.

Naturally the catalyst for the conversation was with the recent announcement of the band's self-titled record - their seventh studio effort in their nearly two decade tenure. Padge expressed his genuine enthusiasm in sharing that he felt like the most current iteration of the band is the very best its been. He shared that the band's newest members offered a breath of fresh air creatively and in terms of talent - Bullet 2.0 is built to last.

Padge also addressed what it was like to write and record a record during a global pandemic and the kind of cathartic experience it was getting back onstage and headlining this year's Download Pilot festival. Confiding the kind of anxiousness he felt prior to playing live again, Padge kept the conversation 100 in revealing that the ability to jam in his room was what helped him get by during this extended stretch without live tunes.

The guitarist also discussed some of the legends that ave preceded him that have left a lasting impression. He revealed that Nirvana's Kurt Cobain was the musician that made him want to pick up a guitar, while the likes of Pantera's Dimebag Darrell Abbott was the larger than life figure that laid the groundwork for style, flair, and heft.

Traversing back to the very beginning of BFMV, Padge talked about the band's earliest days including their debut album in The Poison, the weight of their Scream Aim Fire record, and how the creative chemistry among he and Matt Tuck was evident from the very start. Contrasted with the present status of the band, their presence on Patreon and the auspicious outlook that comes with the much anticipated new record, the conversation is must for fans and almost certain to convert some new ones.

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