Myles Kennedy discusses the brotherhood of The Conspirators and the his most personal album with 'Year of the Tiger'

Myles Kennedy discusses the brotherhood of The Conspirators and the his most personal album with 'Year of the Tiger'

- By Ramon Gonzales

The continuation of the Disc Dive explores Kennedy's contributions with Slash, his fifth record with Alter Bridge, and the anxiety of sharing such a personal narrative with his solo debut.

For the continuation of the exploratory dive into the discography of Myles Kennedy, the conversation between the veteran musician and journalist Ryan J. Downey begins in 2014 with Kennedy again connecting with Guns N Roses guitarist Slash for the album, World On Fire.

In assessing the evolution of Slash outside of what he is most known for, Kennedy and Downey evaluated how each solo effort from Slash further increased his stock. Kennedy would play a very vital part in that appreciation as he was the frontman for Slash's second and third albums.

Kennedy would go onto explain that because everyone had worked, recorded, and toured together so much, there was a familial quality to the relationship in the band. In fact, he referred to the working environment with Slash and the Conspirators as more of a brotherhood than a band.

Continuing his prolific balancing act, Kennedy would again take to the studio with Mark Tremonti and the guys in Alter Bridge for the band's fifth full length album,

Opting to again work with longtime collaborator and producer Michael "Elvis" Baskette, Kennedy discussed how his guidance and expertise has played an important part in the development of Alter Bridge. He would go onto explain the kind of trust that is invested in Elvis as the bands producer. They collectively take great stock in what he says and how he is critical for the sake of productivity.

Skipping ahead to 2018, Kennedy would make a huge career leap with the release of his solo debut in the album, Year of the Tiger. Highly personal, the effort was the kind of personal investment that Kennedy admits, resulted in a sincere anxiety when he thought about putting it out in the world. Confiding that the writing and recording process unearthed some very real trauma that required some working through.

Year of the Tiger was an especially cathartic record that presented an honest look at Myles Kennedy entirely, combining his extraordinary talent with a personal narrative. The album resonated so well with fans that Kennedy talked about how he would get emotional when he was in the middle of meet and greets and fans would share their stories that stirred with the his music.

Watch the next segment of The Disc Dive with Myles Kennedy and Ryan J. Downey below.

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