Part 6 – The Disc Dive explores the discography of KISS with Ace Frehley

Part 6 – The Disc Dive explores the discography of KISS with Ace Frehley

- By Ramon Gonzales

The finale of the 6-part interview series examines the modern era of Ace Frehley and his celebratory series of cover albums in Origins Vol. 1 & 2.

The finale of the 6-part, in-depth conversation with the legendary Ace Frehley arrives at the modern era of the musician's career.

The Disc Dive with journalist Ryan J. Downey has offered a weekly rollout of episodes that have explored the entire discography of the Frehley's unparalleled career and the finale of the interview series begins with the Origins Vol. 1 LP from Frehley that showcased a collection of his favorite songs performed with an all star roster of collaborators including Slash, John 5, Mike McCready, and Lita Ford.

Released in 2016, Frehley recalls the atmosphere in making the record as fun and an opportunity to work with friends in the business. He loved the record so much that though there would be an eventual second installment, the first still resonates with Ace as the best of the bunch.

Mounting a charge with a slew of releases in recent years, Frehley would introduce Spaceman just two years later in 2018. The album marked an important moment in the career of the guitarist as the album saw him reunite with former KISS bandmate, Gene Simmons. The opening track, "Without You I Am Nothing" as well as the song "Your Wish Is My Command," were both co-written by the tandem.

Arriving at the present, 2020 marked the release of Frehley's most recent effort in Origins 2. Another collection of influential covers and classics, Ace enlisted some familiar faces from the first Origins record to help with second edition. John 5 and Lita Ford joined the ranks again with Robin Zander of Cheap Trick and Bruce Kulick also joining the supporting cast.

During the conversation, Frehley discussed his cover of The Beatles, "I'm Down" and seemed floored that he was able to pull of the vocals of someone like Paul McCartney. Evolving from the guitarist that was reluctant to sing, into the rock & roll pillar that was able to emerge from KISS and craft his own solo career is a reality that is important to note.

Watch the finale of the 6-part interview series with Ace Frehley on The Disc Dive with Ryan J. Downey below.

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